Internet Mourning

The stages of mourning over lack of internet

1.       Denial. You’ll think that you still have the internet and go to your computer to quickly check something on reddit or pinterest. You might start up your computer and click on firefox or chrome and about halfway through typing, “” realized that you have no connection. You might even say, “give me just a moment, my computer is taking a second to connect to the wifi.”

2.       Anger. This may be directed at your computer or even your loved ones. There isn’t any internet and it’s really frustrating. How are you supposed to do anything? You can’t check your bank account or email. What are you missing on reddit? How does anyone live without the internet?! UGH!

3.       Bargaining. If only I had known that it was going to take so long for the install… I’d have called a week earlier! If only I had known that it was going to take so long… I’d have made sure to up my mobile data plan for this month to use as a hotspot. 

4.       Depression. This stage is the worst. You can’t figure out what to do with yourself… you lay in bed and feel sorry for yourself. You could read a book or play a video game but what’s the point? You don’t have internet.

5.       Acceptance. You’ve finally accepted the fact that you don’t have internet and start being productive again. You write blog posts and plan which day you’re going to go use the internet at the library. 

I’ve gotten to the acceptance stage. I’ve become a productive adult again and there is a light at the end of the tunnel … we’re getting internet soon and it won’t be such a pain to lug my big behemoth laptop around to get work done.
How have my readers been?? I’ve missed you guys!
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Surviving the Outernet

 So, I don’t know if you guys knew this but … I’ve been without internet for like … 2 weeks now. TWO WEEKS. Let’s have a little pity party for me for just a second. It’s been rough. I have been dying to plug back into the matrix. I’ve had to find like real life things to do with myself and let me tell you, the outernet is scary. Here are some survival tips if you’re without internet for a week or two.
Survival Tips for Life Without Internet: (AKA Surviving the Outernet.)

1.       When tempted to find a place with free Wi-Fi be cautious of your surroundings. The outernet is full of talkative, curious people that will literally talk your ear off if given the chance.
2.       When on the hunt for Wi-Fi, be wary of the hipsters at Starbucks. Not only are they annoyingly pretentious but they also are extremely judgey when you pull out your behemoth gaming laptop instead of your Macbook.
3.       If desperate enough to use the internet at McDonalds… don’t sit near the foreveralone during his raid times. It’s distracting and sometimes smelly.
4.       When conversing with outernet kids remember that they’re not accustom to hearing words like, “outernet”, “foreveralone”, “meme”, and “trollololol” … avoid using these kinds of words.
5.       Surprisingly, the people of the outernet are not used to internet kids pulling out their google devices to research or get directions. It confuses them and can irritate them. Don’t provoke them unless you absolutely have to.
6.       Headphones  are used to alert the Outernetians that you’re not interested in conversation. Some Outernetians actually don’t understand this and still may try to talk to you. Don’t be alarmed if this happens. You can either: a) ignore them and pretend that you didn’t notice them or b) engage them in conversation. The latter is the polite thing to do but is also more time consuming. 
7.       Try to find the prehistoric Google place, or the “Library” as the Outernetians call it, as the people there are the most compatible with us internet kids.
8.       If, for some reason, you decide to be social, don’t be surprised by the overwhelming amount of sound and stupidity that happens in the Outernet. The internet is stupid but the in the Outernet you actually witness the stupidity first hand. It can be scary and demoralizing.
9.       Unlike the Internet, the outernet isn’t a place where you can visit the same places multiple times a day… actually; you shouldn’t even visit the same places daily. The baristas and workers will start to recognize you and this usually results in more conversation than us internet kids are used to.
10.   If by some miraculous chance you find another lost internet kid, approach with caution and don’t be overbearing. You’ll scare them off.

Here is a list of things you can do while you’re waiting to plug back into the Matrix.
You can…
– Read a book or two… or 12.
– Play your backlog of games
– Paint your nails  
– Organize and reorganize your room.
– Get lost in your new city and then figure out how to get home. Twice.
– Find the library only to discover that you’ve read just about every book in your favorite section.
– Stay in bed and complain about how hot it is only to be told that this isn’t even the hottest month here.
– Get your child into gymnastics and complain about the nice people that are trying to befriend you.
That’s about all I’ve got.  Do you have any Outernet Survival Tips?

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I’m practicing my hand lettering…
Specifically,  Foundational Hand devised by Edward Johnson. My first (not so great) attempt without grid paper:

My regular handwriting seems to be creeping into it. Time for some more practice!  I don’t particularly like this font so I probably won’t spend too much longer on it. 

Happy Friday

I’m recovering from a pretty nasty root canal and will be taking the weekend to recover.  So no blog posts until Monday.

You should read the lovely blogs on my sidebar for some weekend reading!

What shows on Netflix (that are kid friendly) should I be watching this weekend??

First posts always seem a bit awkward. Don’t they?

Or maybe it’s just me? Regardless, here is my awkward first post on my shiny new blog!

One time, at comic con, I met this great Chewbacca cosplayer and it made me really happy.

and then I met Peter Mayhew himself and pretty much died with happiness. It was amazing.

And then I cosplayed as Poison Ivy 

And then then last day I met a Dapper Chewie and a Patriotic Storm Trooper. 

 This pretty much sums up my life. I enjoy really random and really nerdy things. I play video games and love to read. I am currently obsessively playing FFXIV (I’m a i90 whm :3 ) and I love, love, love indie games. Star Wars and Lord of the Rings (and The Hobbit!) are some of my favorite movies. This is just a little insight to my life and a small fraction of the things I’ll write about.

On that note, welcome to my blog! 

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