5 Tips For Beautiful Curls With KISS InstaWave

Pretty Curls!
This is my beautiful daughter, Chanel. She volunteered to be my model for this post. 

I received a KISS InstaWave to review and I’m absolutely loving it. While I have short hair, my hair has a bit of a natural wave to it so I haven’t ever had to really deal with curling my hair too much. Chanel, on the other hand, has straight hair. It dries perfectly straight without having to do anything to it.  Sometimes she likes having her hair done in something other than a braid or ponytail.

Chanel’s natural hair

The KISS InstaWave is a fully automatic, tangle-free curler that creates beautiful curls instantly. What does that mean? You know that annoying crease you get when you’re curling your hair from the clip? That’s a thing of the past. I was kind of skeptical at first but it’s REALLY easy to use and there is no creases! Chanel was even able to do a curl or two. She thought it was pretty fabulous that you didn’t have to do anything other than place the hair and push a button. The curl dial can rotate in either direction – which makes it easy to create a natural looking curl.

Here is the easy process of using the InstaWave:

1- Place the hair
2-Push the button to twirl the hair around the wand
It should look something like this

3- After letting the wand heat the hair for about 5-10 seconds pull the KISS InstaWave straight down and you’re left with a beautiful curl. You can hold it longer for tighter curls.

There are two heat settings on the wand – low/high switch with a max temperature of 420 degrees. It automatically shuts off after 90 minutes.  It has a ceramic ionic 1″ barrel and it even works on short hair. Obviously it’s not going to produce cute ringlet curls on short hair, but it does curl my short hair. I’ve been using it to curl my ends under and haven’t had any problem with it.

Some things that I have noticed about the KISS InstaWave are that the mechanism that curls the hair is pretty quiet. The curler itself makes a buzzing noise when it’s plugged in – Chanel kept commenting on the sound that it was making. I hardly noticed it. Overall, it curls your hair pretty quickly, which is nice when you have a 7 year old that doesn’t want to sit still! We both have been loving the curls. It took me a minute to figure it out but once I did, it was a breeze. The hardest part was figuring out how to properly place the hair. (see step 1).


  1. Switch between curling left and right to create a natural curl
  2. Section your hair off and curl the underneath section of hair first. These curls don’t have to be perfect or as tight as the rest of your hair – in fact if you curl it a loosely, it adds some volume to your hair. 
  3. Spray with hair spray after each section – use a flexible hold hairspray to avoid that crunchy look. 
  4. Curl the pieces of hair right by your face away from your face – What I mean is, on the left side curl the piece to the left and the right side to the right. 
  5. Finger comb through the curls to make them look more natural. 

Bonus Cosplay Tips:
***Obviously, only use this with real human hair wigs – synthetic hair will melt!***

    • Due to the fact that this doesn’t PULL your hair like a regular curling iron, makes it ideal for touching up curls on either your clip-ins or wigs! You can do this either while the wig is on your head or on your wig mannequin. It won’t tangle your wig and it won’t leave a crease. Just section the hair and curl, following the same steps as above!

 You can purchase this great product at http://www.kissinstawave.com/

**Full disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review/product feedback. All opinions expressed are my own.


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Limbo: A Loving Review + Fan Art Love

I’ve been told so many times by random people that I NEED to play Limbo. Let me tell you… I’m in love.

I think first it needs to be said that I get REALLY stressed out when I play any kind of platformer. I love them but they stress me out. Let me just get a little side note out of the way: I’ve had to try and get through this game three times. THREE times because my save file keeps getting erased. It’s really been annoying. But, I think that I’ve played it enough times to accurately review it. ;P

The style of this game is beautiful. There’s no dialog in the game. You simply experience… and let me tell you, it’s great. It’s very much like film noir and there isn’t any like, annoying game music* … just the creepy sounds of Limbo.

I don’t want to give away the plot because it is part of the fun of the game. The ending is vague. It leaves it to you to decide what happened. The game itself is a puzzle platformer – meaning that there are certain puzzles you have to figure out in order to move on. It has some dirty tricks in it that make you second guess yourself a lot.

Overall, I’m in love with this game. Love it to death. It’s beautiful and original.

*I hate game music. Well, I love game music but I hate playing games with music because it become monotonous and makes me hate the music. 

Now, I have to share this with you guys… Because I’m in love with it.

I’m always insanely jealous of really artistic people because I want nothing more than to be able to create beautiful art.. I never really study how to be an artist, I just studied art… So, basically, I just love artists and I always love their work. This was done by Adrian in college and it’s just so pretty that I can’t handle it. Plus, it’s inspired by Limbo. (Bonus points if you can guess what else it is inspired by!)

What video game do you think I should play next?
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Cubic Castles

Platforms: PC/Mac & iPad (android in development)
Price: Free-to-play
Developer: Cosmic Cow

A top-down,  mining/building game that resembles minecraft with a hint of Animal Crossing. Normally I’m not a huge fan of minecraft-y type games, but this one has a interesting take on it. The artstyle is something that I love. I adore cute, cartoony artstyles. It’s an open-ended sandbox game and I’m loving it. You can customize your character and there are different forms of blocks that you can build with. There are the obvious decorative blocks and then there are ones that are interactive. While playing the other day, I came across a players castle that had music notes and as you jumped on them they played music. It’s been fun not only seeing what others can create but the amount of time and effort players are putting into it. With things to do in player created worlds, such as platformer games and jumping puzzles, there is always something to do when you’re out exploring. Plus, it’s absolutely adorable… which, I love.

Unlike some cross-platform free-to-play games, this one doesn’t have that, “pay-to-win” feel. As you mine for resources, you’re rewarded with the in-game currency, cubits, and from what I can tell thus far, it seems like all craftable items are made from resources that you can mine in game.
What is always impressive with building games like this, is the player built structures, and let me tell you, there are some great ones. There is a tour guild that can be found here.
If you’re looking for a fun, building/crafting game, this is a great one! I’m really, really enjoying myself, and I don’t normally play this style of game! 

Link Love:
Website (download)
App Store

Let me know if you’re playing! I would love to see what you’re creating! 

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2DS Review

No 3D
Can play both regular DS and 3DS games
Easy to hold

Ugly Design
Bulky (Doesn’t fit easily into pockets, etc)

The 2DS is essentially a 3DS without the 3D. It is an odd wedge shape but it makes it easy to hold. The shoulder bumpers are easy to press. It can play both regular and 3DS games. Overall, it is a great DS for little ones. It’s durable because there is no hinge component and it’s small enough to fit into little hands. We’ve had no issues with battery-life. It isn’t the prettiest handheld but it does away with the unnecessary 3D (which I personally don’t like, anyway.) It functions just like a regular DS and 3DS as far as I’ve been able to tell.

Would I recommend it? Yes, for children.

 photo shnsghnsynsthnsthnshn_zps8e0cc23e.png

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Little Inferno

Little Inferno is an indie puzzle game developed by TomorrowCorporation and was released in 2012. It was developed by 3 people –  Kyle Gray, Kyle Gabler, and Allan Blomquist. Gabler stated that the game was inspired by “The Yule Log”… Yup, that 17-second loop video of a burning log. They took a boring concept and made it into a fantastic game. 
It’s mostly viewed through a first-person perspective. The player is thrown into a world where the temperature is constantly dropping and you’ve been given the “Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace” to stay warm.  The “Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace” is used to incinerate objects from the mail order catalogs. There is no penalty or time limit placed on the player so he or she is free to experiment with burning different objects together and unlocking combinations.
The game is a drag and drop puzzle and the art is just fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of the game. Not only did it keep me laughing but it also kept me thinking about what the combos could be. The only clues you’re given about combos is the name of the combo. You have to figure out what things would go in things like “Pollinating” or “Framed”.  Mainly, the focus of the game is buying and burning. You’ll also receive letters from a few outside entities. You’ll “befriend” a girl named Sugar Plumps who is part of the “Little Inferno” online community. She sends you letters, pictures and artwork. You’ll have to decide to keep the letters or burn them because there is only so much space in your inventory.  It makes you question your motives in gaming and forces you to ask why something like getting letters from an NPC evokes some real emotional reactions.
It’s a short game – it was over for me in a couple of hours. However, it’s definitely something that is great for passing the time. I enjoyed the dark humor that the game has. Some of the toys that you get are hilariously animated. The ending I experienced was unexpected- I wasn’t planning on having more story than I had already been given but it tied up the loose ends nicely.
It’s available on Steam, Android and iOS. 
 photo shnsghnsynsthnsthnshn_zps8e0cc23e.png

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