Insert Feministic Title

Sexism in video games is something that gets me really fired up, as it does with a lot of people, but I think I’m weird about it. While the video game culture is very much still in the dark ages when it comes to women, I think that female gamers are getting all worked up over stupid things. Here are the things that are really bugging me.

1. “Ugh. I just want to wear something that isn’t bikini armor!”
While I don’t always want to wear bikini armor, I don’t really care either way. Does it have better stats? Yes? Then does it really matter? Nope.  I mean, I know that people like to RP and I know that they get all worked up because they’re being over-sexualized, but… If you were playing a male character and he was all abs and muscles with little armor and looked like Thor, would you be complaining?  Or is it really just a double standard that you have? 

2. “I wish there were strong female leads.”
There are. Plenty of them. Want a list?
Laura Croft.
Any RPG with character customization.
The list goes on… 
Just… stop. I’ve said that I wish there were more strong females, and I do wish there were MORE but just because there aren’t a billion doesn’t mean that they’re not out there.

3. “I don’t use voicechat because I hate how guys talk to me.”
First of all, guys suck when it comes to this… but until more female gamers start using voice chat and start putting their foot down about what is and isn’t acceptable to say to them, it’s just going to keep being bad. I use voice chat, I’ve been treated like crap… but, I can also smack talk with the best of them. If you can shut a guy up with some good ol’ fashion smack talk, they generally respect you a bit more. I’ve found that going into it with a dude mentality, they’re going to treat you like one of the guys. Maybe this one is more of a personal issue and not everyone is going to agree with me on it, but it has worked for me and I have little to no problems with being harassed in voice chat now.

Do you have any issues with Geek Feminism? Let me know below!
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Geek Vs Nerd

Is there really a difference between a geek and a nerd? Is it really just a bunch of us that think that there is a difference between the two, when in reality we’re the same type of person and we just are refusing to get along? Of course, I turned to the internet to see its opinion on the subject. It turns out that Nerds still have this rep of being scrawny thing with taped glasses and correcting people when their facts aren’t straight. Geeks have it easy according to the internet. They’re more like an average Joe with sneakers, an ironic t-shirt and blue jeans. When you get into how people define the two it gets really interesting.  A geek, according to the internet, is someone who is generally tech savvy and has gadgets and gizmos aplenty. (see what I did there?)They have a vested interest in one particular subject and are less socially awkward. Nerds on the other hand are socially awkward, have a more academic interest and enjoy things that are equally academic (things like star trek and strategy games).
So, they’re different. They’re different and yet they’re similar. There isn’t really much separating the two when you think about it.  They both have vested interests in things. They both obsess. They both can be socially awkward. 
 Based on what the internet is telling us about what each of these things are, I don’t fall into either category.  I am neither a nerd nor a geek because I’m both. I have some very specific interests as well as some broad academic interests. I love science, I love space, I love tech, I love Sci-Fi, fantasy, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings and a bunch of other things that I just personally consider to be nerdy. Society has changed the meaning of the words to fit into a more socially acceptable form.
  From what I’ve gathered, there is a difference between the two. They’re very similar but on is more socially acceptable than the other. Geeks are socially acceptable because they’re interested in more socially acceptable things and nerds are too busy studying and watching Star Trek to care what society thinks. 😉
Also, when someone says they’re such a ________ Nerd … they’re using the wrong term. It should be a _____ geek. Example: You’re a movie geek, not a movie nerd. You’re a comic geek, not a comic nerd. Make sense?
Are you a nerd or a geek? What are your interests? 
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Game Music Discussion

How vitally important is music in a game to you? Music affects your brain in more ways than you think it does. It obviously has an impact on your emotions and it even affects how we see “neutral” faces. It can improve our creativity and can trigger memories. That being said, how do you think music affects your gaming experience?

Personally, I hate admitting this, but I generally don’t listen to game soundtracks for very long. Wait, before you all flame me, I listen to the soundtrack during important parts but I cannot just listen to the music constantly – especially if it is a game like Skyrim where the soundtrack is AMAZING but it starts to feel repetitive and therefore makes the game start to feel repetitive for me.  If it is a game that I’ve played for a long time, I don’t listen to the soundtrack. I don’t listen to the sound track in MMO’s unless I’m in a dungeon for the first time… I own very few game soundtracks and seldom listen to them. Not because I don’t enjoy them, but because I hate getting worn out on the OST.
There are so many games that you can hear a few notes from and it instantly takes you back to that game – Zelda, Mario, Halo… It is always such an important part of the atmosphere of the game that I feel guilty leaving it out. It really makes a good game, great and memorable.  There are games like Limbo where there is a distinct lack of audio that makes you feel really uneasy about certain parts of the game and it just blows my mind when I think about how much I love all of that game, the audio, the art and even the gameplay. 
The point is I wonder how much I’m missing by not listening constantly to a game’s audio. I understand how much a gamer is influenced by the OST and I’m starting to wonder if I am just being defiant by not listening to the music or if it is something else. I’ve played a number of MMOs and we all know how annoying the music is in those, right? I could blame it on that or I could blame it on my very specific music tastes or… I can just say that I’m a rebel without a cause at heart and hate feeling forced to do something because somebody wants me to do it.
What are some of your favorite game soundtracks?
How do you feel about game soundtracks, do you listen to them or just mute them? Why?

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10 Things You Should Never Say To A Gamer

This is a list to go along with the “15 Things You ShouldNever Say To A Female Gamer”.  It’s just a collection of things that people have said to me that I can’t stand!

1.       “Just fight that guy. No, you’re doing it wrong!” Backseat gamers are the worst! Let me play my game!

2.       “What’s your K/D ratio?” Just because I am a gamer doesn’t mean that I play CoD or Battlefield.

3.       “You’re too old to play video games.” Games are for everyone.

4.       “Just pause it.” Sometimes you can’t just pause a game! It’s not that we’re trying to be jerks, we just can’t always pause a game.

5.       “Turning the controller doesn’t really help.” Shut your mouth. It totally does! 😉

6.       “You’re a gamer?  I bet you don’t get laid.” Bahaha. Sure.

7.       “This is such a lame game…” Excuse me? Did I ask you to watch me play? Did I ask your opinion on it? No, I didn’t.

8.       “Oops, I spilled something on your controller/mouse/keyboard/whatever.” Okay, I’ve really had this happen to me. I had some friends over and I was letting one of them use my spare keyboard and they spilled an entire energy drink on my keyboard… AND DIDN’T CLEAN IT UP. It ruined my keyboard and it made me so sad. Clean it up and if you’ve ruined the controller/whatever then you should replace it.

9.       “Haven’t you already played this game?” Yes, sometimes we enjoy the game so much we play it more than once.

10.   *Playing on Playstation* “Oh, I love playing xbox!” Okay, this one still blows my mind. I have had people call Playstations “Xbox” and vice versa. It is funny that people don’t know the difference between the difference consoles. Things that also apply to this are calling all Pokemon, “Pikachu” and calling Luigi, “Mario”. Does anyone else have a Mom that does that??

Have you ever encountered any of these things? What are some of the things that people say to you that get under your skin?
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Happy 4th!

Happy Fourth!
Funny random story: Growing up, I had this purse that had this vintage inspired poster look to it. It was patriotic and was specifically for the fourth of July. Only instead it saying like, “July 4th!” or whatever, it said, “July 3th” and it has been an ongoing joke with my brother for years and years about it. So…Happy July 3th. 😉
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Books and Video Games

I have this problem when it comes to reading… 
I devour my books. As in.. I usually read them in about a day. This is both terrible and great. Terrible because I always suffer from a book hangover and great because I get to start a new book .. every other day or so. Some of my blogging friends have been talking about their summer reading list and I’ve realized that I don’t have a summer reading list…
What books should I put on my list?  

 Also, let’s just talk about this steam summer sale.
My ever growing game backlog is getting ridiculous.
This summer sale is killing me… 
 So far I’ve purchased:
Bioshock 2
Bioshock Infinite
World of Goo
Portal 2 
Don’t Starve
Castle Crashers
Battleblock Theatre 
I’m trying to convince myself I don’t need:
Gone Home
Child of Light
Mass Effect
The Fall 
Dragon Age: Origins
What games have you gotten so far??
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How Do You Make New Friends?

 I’ve been in Alabama for about a month now. I’ve found a cute lake with baby ducks and have been enjoying the real rainstorms! Boyfriend gets a kick out of how much I enjoy the rain here.

 So, now that I’ve been here for a bit I was thinking of trying to make some new friends. Here is the problem though, I’m super shy and awkward and very much a homebody. What do you do when you’re an awkward, weird, geeky girl who wants to make friends? Blog about it. xD Just kidding.. kinda.     I’ve always been the kind of person that has a few really close friends that I see regularly. So the idea of making new friends kind of gives me social anxiety. However, I think in order to keep my sanity, I am going to have make a friend or two here. 😛

There are things like Meetup where you can find groups online with people that have similar interests. However, meetup isn’t really too big of a thing here…(nor is reddit. It’s so strange to me. xD but, what can you do?) and I haven’t found one that is particularly interesting to me. Someone suggested checking out the local bar scene… But I’m not really into that sort of thing either. Back home, I started a book club and made friends through that – it’s something I’ll probably end up doing here, as well.
Since I’m not an overly social person, I haven’t really pursued too many social gatherings here. I’ve met some of the people from my Dad’s work and they seem like nice people – not my age, but nice people all the same.  Like I said, I’m mostly a homebody so I don’t plan on having a huge social life or anything. I just would like to find a few people that are around my age to hang out with. I figure through work and social connections I’ll find a nice group of people with similar interests.

What suggestions do you have for someone in a new city? How do you make new friends?

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