Once Upon A Time

I moved across the country to Kentucky so I could live closer to my parents only to find out, four days later, that they’re being stationed in Alabama instead. After an emotional morning, I came to grips with it and planned (ish) the 6 hour drive to Alabama. Now that I’m here in Alabama, I can tell you that I LOVE it.

The place I stayed at in Kentucky offered free WiFi but there wasn’t a spot in the entire place that I could actually connect to.. So, I ended up spending a lot of my time playing some indie games on my computer. I also beat Mario Kart 7 on my DS and am about halfway through the first Lego Harry Potter game. 
So, that’s where I’ve been… and now I’ll start posting about Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX!

Here’s a preview of the geekery! :3 

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