Cosplay Tips and Tricks

When I first started cosplaying, I didn’t really research anything. I just made a costume and wore it. It was stressful, hard, and I wanted to cry by the end of it. It was a blast, don’t get me wrong, I just wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t prepared for the pictures, I wasn’t prepared for my costume to break, I wasn’t prepared to be  hugged and touched by strangers, and above all, I wasn’t prepared to smell so bad. I’ve made a list of my cosplay survival kit for conventions to share with you… in hopes that you’re first experiences aren’t like mine!

  1. Deodorant. I keep two kinds with me – a stick and a spray. You’ll be sweaty. You can’t avoid that. You’ll be in front of cameras and in a room jam-packed full of sweaty people. You’ll want to spray deodorant on places that are super prone to sweat (lower back, thighs, etc) and of course, the stick for your armpits. I use this body deodorant spray. You need to be careful to find one that doesn’t leave a white residue on your skin as it can (and usually will) stain your costume.
  2. A sewing kit. These can be found just about anywhere but I recommend one like this. It’s small and has everything you could need to quickly fix your costume. 
  3. Makeup kit. Something small, like this, that has a variety of colors in case of smudges or when you’re in need of a retouch and that has a mirror! I
  4. A bag of wisps or a toothbrush and toothpaste. At some point, you’re probably going to eat and you’ll probably be eating convention food. Your breath will smell and you’ll wish you had something to brush with.
  5. A hair/wig kit. Again, something small, that has bobbypins, hairspray, and a brush in case your wig/hair needs a touchup.
  6. A bag to put all your junk in. Something you can spot easily, like this totoro bag, and that you don’t mind carrying around.

Remember, you’re going to be in a million pictures, so smile and have fun with your costume! 

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How To Compliment A Cosplayer

A reader asked, “What is the best way to compliment a cosplayer without coming off as a creeper?”

Honestly, it’s really simple. Just compliment, share you love of the character and they will do the same! It’s seriously that simple. The safest thing to say is, “Your costume looks amazing!” or something along those lines.
Here are a few tips on what not to do…

  • Do NOT touch any part of the costume. Costumes have been planned and worked on for extended periods of time. If something breaks it can be a pain to have to start over. Ask before you touch any part of a costume. 
  • Rather than asking where they bought a certain piece, always assume that the cosplayer handmade everything. They’ll correct you if you’re wrong. 

  • Cosplayers are always more than willing to talk to you about their costume. However, if they’re posing for pictures, be patient and let them pose for their photographers. Once they’re done they will gladly talk to you. 

  • If a cosplayer is wearing something revealing, do not just creep on his or her body. Compliment him or her on the character representation. Even if the cosplayer prides him/herself on their body, it still gets creepy

  •  I cannot stress this one enough – Do not, I repeat, DO NOT EVER grab a cosplayer. ASK FIRST. You can ruin their costume AND make them uncomfortable. They are not there for your amusement or to be manhandled. Do not assume that they want to hug you, touch you or anything like that. (Did I get my point across?)

  • Don’t assume that they’re single. Don’t ask for their number. Don’t blatantly hit on them. (Especially with their significant other is standing right there, holding their stuff so you can get a picture with them…) Just… don’t do this. 

  • Don’t compare costumes. You can say things like, “You’re on of the best ____ I’ve seen!” but never say something like, “You’re way better than mine/the other ____ I saw earlier.”or even worse, “The ___ I saw earlier was so much better than yours.”

  •  This last one might just be a pet peeve of mine but, don’t just randomly snap a picture of me. Ask and let me pose for a picture. It’s the polite thing to do.

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 Happy Birthday to you! 
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear bestie!!!
Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!

 She’s the Sonic to my Tails

Isn’t my bestie a babe? She’s been my partner in crime since high school. She’s been with me through so much. We’ve spent summers together gettin’ drunk and watching nerdy movies (and trying to make it through the opening credits of Robin Hood: Men In Tights without falling asleep). We’ve made cosplay costumes, zombie walk costumes,  and various Halloween costumes together. She has been there for me through breakups and heartache. She’s been my support through so many things. I know that I wouldn’t be in the place I am now without her.

I’ve been missing her terribly since I left Utah. It was the hardest goodbye I had to say… (I’m getting all teary just writing this). We still talk all the time but there is just something different about knowing that she’s not just down the road if I need her.

I wish I could be spending your birthday with you, Miss Allie. I love you to death! I really can’t wait to hear all about Harry Potter World! Enjoy it so so so much! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2014

FanX was so much fun! 
Star Wars stuff is always my favorite. 

This was taken right after R2D2 scared my 3 year old half to death…. 

My Bestie went to Sir Patrick Stewart’s panel and was able to snap some pictures during the allotted time. (Funny side story. We were huddled in a crowd around Sir Patrick’s autograph booth and one of the guards said to me, “It looks like you’re about to cry.” because I literally was about to cry, I was so excited.) 

Sonic! I helped make this costume! 

Chanel in front of the mini TARDIS

And of course… More Star Wars. 
I’m still combing through different albums trying to find more pictures of Allie and I – I know that at least a few people got pictures of us together and I’d love to have them to show you guys. 
Skip to about 4:00 and you can see us! 

I was able to get some really great prints from local artists and I am dying to hang them in my new place. I have to get them framed first but, they’re just amazing. I’ll post pictures once they’re framed and up.

I’m looking forward to the cons that are in my new area. Anyone have suggestions on which ones I should try and attend?

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