When I started this blog, I had a very specific idea of what I wanted and as I’ve blogged more and more over the last 8 ish months, it has changed. While I really enjoy video games reviews and things of that sort, I obviously don’t just want to blog about that. It’s kind of been a struggle to stick to such specific things that I want to blog about and as a result, I have been creating less content.

So, I’ve decided to make a few changes to my blog.

  • I’ll be focusing more on all things nerdy – not just video games. While I still be reviewing games and things of that sort, it’s not going to be my main focus (not that it has been for awhile…) Nor is the video game industry in general. I love video games but there is only so much I can write about them. I love such a wide variety of nerdy things that I think that I can still write about video games as well as comics, books, movies, tv shows, pop culture and fashion and even some cooking. I don’t want to feel bad about not putting out as much video game related content. So, basically, this is going to become more of an all-encompassing blog while maintaining a nerdy theme. 
  • I am going to include more of my photography. Photography is something that I’ve loved for a long time. I have such fond memories of my Grandpa with his camera and even at a really young age it inspired me to be a photographer. He was always so supportive of it. He was an amazing man and mastered the selfie before it was a thing. I regret not really pursuing it… I took photography classes in high school and I switched my major from Art History to Photography but I never took school seriously when I was there so I feel like I really missed an opportunity. While I’m not amazing, I’m pretty dang good and it is something that makes me really happy and I like sharing my pictures with people. I’ve come a long way since I got my first DSL and I have learned a lot but still have a lot to learn.
  • I am going to be participating in a few challenges over the next year and to hold myself accountable, I’ll be posting about them here. Don’t worry, they’re nerdy things! When I write my blogging goals for 2015, I’ll share what specific challenges I’ll be participating in and hopefully, I inspire you to do some of them! 
  • This is a for-profit blog and as such, I will be keeping my monthly sponsors and still be working with various backer programs. My goal has always been to be a full-time blogger and I feel as though that in order to acheive that goal, sponsors and ads are the way to go. I’ve reduced the ads and am considering taking down adsense but I am still on the fence about that. I’ll make the final decision when I start to big move over to wordpress (I’m waiting until I have to pay for my domain again). I would love to hear your opinions about it! 

In reality, not much is changing, I’m just going to feel less guilty about not putting out as much video game content and I’ll be sharing more pictures.

Let me know what you think about ads and sponsors in the comments below! 

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