I think this accurately describes me and pizza.

We’re having a lazy weekend around here. The kids are enjoying Oma and Papa being around and we’ll probably get some shopping done. We’re closer to getting into a house!

Also, Happy Birthday to my friend, Sam from Sam N Hal!!! 

What are your weekend plans?

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Guys!!! It’s Caturday! I have zero cat stories this week but…. My parents are getting into town! I haven’t lived in the same country as them in 5 years. FIVE YEARS! They’re here and we’re going to go do family things together! I’m so excited!!

 The last time they lived in the states we took these pictures.. right before they left for Germany.

Sister ❤

And my awkwardness shines through on all of those pictures…. ignore that.

So, I hope your Caturday is absolutely lovely because I know mine is going to be!

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Yay! It’s Caturday!

Happy Caturday!!! 
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Who wants to hear a funny story about the time I was essentially called a crazy cat lady at Forever 21 by the cashier?? 

 Okay, okay. So, I like cats. I love cat clothing. I have more than one sweater with some form of cat on it. My phones ringtone is the “Can’t Hug Every Cat” song. I have rings with cat ears, I’ve been a kitty cat for the last like, three..ish Halloweens. I have a freakin’ pinterest board dedicated to cat clothing… I’m kind of obsessed.

Now that you know that about me… I’ll tell you my story about Forever 21.  
 I was shopping, like a normal person, with a friend at Forever 21 when I found a really adorable cat sweater. Of course, I wasn’t not going to get it. So, I grab it and continue looking around when I found ANOTHER cute cat sweater. Well, then I had a dilemma, because I really wanted both of them. After an inner struggle and an enabler friend, I decided to just decided after trying them both on. We went along with our shopping and I found a really cute Star Trek shirt (again, like I’m not going to get that. Damn you, Forever 21!) annnnd then I found, you guessed it, ANOTHER cat sweater. Three cat sweaters?! And they’re all adorable?? I try all of them on and of course, love them all.  Ugggghhhhh. What is a girl to do?  
Surely I shouldn’t buy all of them, right? 
Wrong. While I was checking out the cashier said, in a very judge-y voice, “Sooooo…. you like cats.”

I came home with three cat sweater and a cat ring.  

and that’s that story. 

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