My Outsider’s Opinion on Bronies and Cloppers


I hope the interviews weren’t TL;DR. I thought that they were pretty dang interesting. I mean, it definitely shed some light on a fandom that until very recently, I knew absolutely nothing about. I have seen very little of MLP – just whatever my daughter has watched and she isn’t really into it. I’ve thought about sitting down and watching it but I just get into it. I honestly wish I was more interested in the show because the fandom is great! Unfortunately, it just isn’t for me. I can see why people love it. I totally get it! It just isn’t something that appeals to me on any real level.  And that’s okay. I don’t have to like the show to appreciate the fandom. 

What I noticed:
1. They are just like my fandoms. WHAT?! I know, crazy. They are people who love and obsess over a show.  Just like us. They create art, and fanfics, and discuss theories…. just like my fandoms!
2. We face mostly the same issues. When people think of “bronies” they think of weird adult dudes that like My Little Pony. But in reality, it’s not just dudes and they’re not all weird. (I mean, I’m sure some of them are weird… but that isn’t the point.) People find out that I’m a girl gamer and they either think that I suck or that I want to suck their dick. ( I don’t. (sorry for the vulgarity.) )Every fandom has their issues and generally, we all have the same issues, it just applies differently to each of us.
3. They’re very much ready to defend MLP. (I do this with my fandoms, too) It’s something that is really important to them and they’re protective. I like that.
4. They’re supportive. They’re willing to help. They uphold the morals from the show. I love that. .

Now, for the most awkward question…

What are your thoughts on cloppers?
For those of you who don’t know what a clopper is … It’s someone who masturbates to MLP things.
My thoughts on it are this: If it isn’t hurting someone, then what you do in your bedroom is your own business. Obviously, I’m not into it. I don’t know anyone that is and it isn’t really a subject I want to discuss with anyone… because, sex is awkward. But considering Rule 34 of the internet (if it exists, then somewhere on the internet there is porn) it’s not surprising that there are cloppers. Keep in mind that there is the humanized MLP show (My Little Pony Equestria Girls) and so I’m sure some of it isn’t just pony porn. The thing is, there are people into way weirder things than MLP. And frankly, I’m positive that there are some people (probably more than you think) in your fandoms that do similar things. With that thought, it’s not my place to judge anyone and I’ll stick behind my original stance. If it isn’t hurting anyone then what you do in your bedroom is your own business.

The fandom is clearly misunderstood. They’re super nice and obsess just like us.
Cloppers are a thing but what someone does in their bedroom is their own business as long as it isn’t hurting anyone.
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Bronies: An Outsider’s Opinion Part 5

These are my last interviews for this series. Check back tomorrow for the conclusion of my thoughts and feelings on bronies and the MLP fandom. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

Tell me about how you got into this fandom? What is the draw?
The way I became a brony was somewhat strange. I actually used to fall into the “hater” category for bronies. I thought they were just a bunch of creepy old pedophiles who had an almost religious fascination with cartoons.

After a few years of me being very outspoken against bronies, one of them had the guts to engage in a logical debate with me. He pointed out (quite fairly, I was forced to admit) that I had never actually seen the show, so I was not entitled to go about mocking it as if I knew what I was talking about. After some further debate, I agreed to at least try a few episodes. I thought at the time that watching a few episodes would have made it even easier to make fun of the bronies. Heck, I was pretty excited to have more knowledge on how to better laugh at the stupid bronies. I pulled up My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Netflix and grabbed some popcorn, ready to start firing away with criticism.
It was to my great surprise that when the credits rolled at the end of the season one premier, I had very few bad things to say about it. In fact, some part of me really wanted to know how the next episode would solve the problem that arose in the first one. I didn’t have anything better to do, so I went to the next episode still convinced that I would find something worth criticizing. A few hours and many episodes later, I realized that I had stopped caring about finding things wrong with the show. The show was intelligently written, the dialogue was cheesy but heartwarming, the characters were full of life and personality, and the episodes had an air of child-like joy to them. The next day, I told a friend about what I had been doing. She looked me in the eye and said, “Who is best pony?” to which I promptly denied having one. I was firmly against admitting to being a brony. “Well,” she said, “my favorite pony is Rainbow Dash.” I couldn’t stop myself from saying, “No way! Twilight Sparkle is much better than that arrogant fool!” At that moment, I realized that I had been tricked into becoming a brony. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t bring myself to be frustrated about it.
Since then, I’ve fallen further and further in love with the show. It appeals to me in the sense that the show is a reminder of how valuable friendship can be. Really, the title of the show sums it up perfectly: friendship is magic. It’s magic in the sense that nothing else is like it, nothing can replace it, and nothing is more valuable than it.
What are the best and worst things about this fandom?
If I really had to choose one thing about the brony community I think is the best, I’d say it is the morality of the majority of bronies. While not all of us abide by the mantra of “love and tolerate”, most bronies take it to heart. We pride ourselves on representing the morals from the show that take form in the Elements of Harmony, which are Kindness, Loyalty, Honesty, Generosity, Laughter, and Magic. They are mostly self-explanatory except for Magic. I like to think of Magic as friendship itself. We’d all be nothing without our friends, and that is worthy of recognition.
The thing I like the least about the fandom is the bandwagon bronies. These people only joined up with the fandom because it became something that they thought would make them seem unique. Sadly, the majority of the bandwagon bronies care little for the show or the morals represented by it. While bandwagon bronies usually have appreciation for the things bronies create, like music, art, and stories, they hardly ever contribute anything to those areas. Bandwagon bronies are a dead weight dragging down the rest of the community and making us all look bad.
Are you open about liking MLP or is it something you keep to yourself, why?
I consider myself open about being a brony. I don’t parade around with my Sonic Rainboom shirt under my Spike the dragon hoodie with my Rainbow Dash necklace around my neck while blaring brony music from my phone that has a Princess Celestia cover. I’m not THAT kind of brony. Those people are just obnoxious. I’m an open brony in the sense that, if the subject comes up, I will not be afraid to admit that I love the show and am a contributing member of the brony community.
I’m physically and mentally strong, so people know not to mess with me in a physical or verbal confrontation about being a brony. I’m not rude about it, but I make it very clear to people that I will not tolerate anyone making fun of anybody else about anything while I am around. When people realize that I’m extremely serious about what I say, the bullies tend to leave rather quickly. They also don’t bother my other friends since they know I will get involved if they do, and I’m happy to be a shield against bullying for my fellow bronies (or anybody, for that matter). That way, they can be open bronies, too.
 Obviously, being a Brony comes with its fair share of stigmas and issues. What is something that you’d like to tell who prematurely judge you for being a Brony?  
I’ve encountered many people before who judge bronies without knowing very much about us. I tell them that I, of course, respect their opinions on the show, but I also kindly ask them to not make fun of something that they know nothing about. I tell them my story of how I used to hate the show, too, until I decided to take a step towards being fair to the people I was insulting. I ask them to set their predispositions aside and give bronies just one truly fair chance. I show them all the incredible charities that have been started by bronies. I also show them the incredible arts that have flourished in bronies. If they still haven’t budged on their opinions, then I do what I always do: love and tolerate them.
Being a brony has changed my life for the better. The show turned me from a loud-mouthed judgmental idiot into a calm and caring leader. Through the show, I’ve come to realize for the first time in my life that I do care about others. I’ve formed friendships and grown personally in ways I never would have been able to without having discovered My Little Pony. It sounds stupid, I know. Often times, it’s the stupidest little things that mean the most.
Is there anything else you’d like to add about Bronies and/or MLP? has lots of cool stuff about bronies. If you want to know more about us, this is a good place to be looking. Also check out for the fanfiction written by bronies. Lastly, has regular news updates for bronies. That’s where most of the popular brony content comes from.

Tell me about how you got into this fandom? What is the draw?
Getting ‘into” the fandom was a bit of a tricky mess. My girlfriend and I both “got into” the show in early 2011, before there even really *was* much of a fandom. We were both very much aware of the existence of things like fanfiction and fanart. She discovered a lot of the former (as she was an avid fanfiction reader at the time, mostly falling into Doctor Who and X-files fics) so it wasn’t out of the norm for her to tell me about some silly pony related story she’d just finished reading. Personally, I’d vowed to steer clear of all of that and just enjoy the show, as I felt at the time that “fandoms ruin things.”

That was until I stumbled into “fan music,” … something I’d never really encountered nor heard of before. I saw quite a few remixes and original pieces, citing ponies as their influence or muse. I thought this was a pretty intriguing concept, and as I eventually dug deeper I found  a community called “My Little Remix,” which was where many of these people whose work I’d been admiring online all congregated. I made it a point to join immediately so that I could beseech them for knowledge, exchange information, and grow as a producer. I never had much intention to contribute to this community they’d built — I was just hungry to learn.

Eventually, by participating in some of their IRC based music creation challenges, I was convinced to create pony-themed music of my own, and while I’ll do my best to feign humility, it’s not an understatement to say that I started gaining recognition pretty swiftly. I eventually published a few songs to youtube, got featured on Equestria Daily a few times, hit over 1000 subscribers within a couple of months, and the rest is pretty much history. While I’m not as involved with “the fandom” as I used to be, I still sit pretty at over 15,000 subscribers on youtube, most of it coming from the MLP stuff.

What are the best and worst things about this fandom?

 Best and worst? You’re going to get a different answers from everyone. I personally think the solidarity that defined brony culture in the early days is one of the best things that came out of it. So many people were so insecure about liking it, and finding other people that were into it secured instant camaraderie among peers. That’s probably one of the reasons why it infected so many corners of internet culture in its infancy — so many people were reaching out, almost like beacons, advertising their constituency for brotherhood.  That same camaraderie is also one of the worst parts about the fandom — there are no shortage of people who behave poorly and have sullied the name over the years, and that camaraderie blinded a lot of people to thinking critically about this behavior, poisoning the well, so to speak. In the early days we were so grateful to find someone, anyone, who understood this weird thing we were into, it was really difficult for most people to turn around criticize those same people they were grateful to have, even when they recognized behavior worthy of criticism. We felt like we were all in this together, and when “one of our own” got out of line, there was no rush to admonish or scorn that behavior. As a result a lot of this negativity stewed for a long, long time as people of differing ideologies quietly tolerated each other, feeling they were prohibited from levying legitimate criticism. Finally a few “outsiders” penetrated some sections of the fandom, co-opting it with their personal brands of politics, and began to fragment that camaraderie.

While I do mourn the loss of that collective “brotherhood,” it’s also hard to ignore the newfound self-awareness that has come with that splintering of interests. People are a lot more cautious about what they say and what they do, and perhaps that’s a good thing.

Are you open about liking MLP or is it something you keep to yourself, why?
I’m completely open about liking MLP, but then again I’ve got it pretty easy. I’m a college graduate, I own a house, I have a full time career doing work that I love, and I’ve been in a long-term heterosexual relationship for over 5 years. By all of society’s heteronormative standards, I’ve done everything I’m supposed to, so in that respect I feel like I’m a bit exempt from a lot of the criticism my younger peers have to contend with. I’ve “made it” so to speak, and I don’t feel like my interests or hobbies are anyone else’s concern at that point.

 Obviously, being a Brony comes with its fair share of stigmas and issues. What is something that you’d like to tell who prematurely judge you for being a Brony?
 Honestly? Nothing, but then again I don’t tell people “I’m a brony,” either. I normally just preface my statement with a bit of a challenge, to the tune of, “Yeah, I like cute shit.” That, in and of itself tends to kill whatever criticism would have been levied at me. I’m fully aware of some of the problematic things the “fandom” as a whole has done, and I think it’s immediately evident, just by willing to entertain and engage that fact, that I’m not a principle contributor to the bad stuff.

If they still want to criticize or question it, I will gently remind them that I’m still a hard-working adult, and what I do with my downtime in no way affects anybody else.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about Bronies and/or MLP?

People tend to forget that you can only take away from something what you put into it. I still associate with the “brony fandom” because I’m willing to set aside (but not minimize) the negative impact, and focus only on the aspects that bring me joy. If you ask me that’s the whole point, and I only share “the fandom” with people that have a similar mindset. You don’t need to be ignorant of the negative stuff to take earnest delight in the positive stuff.

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Bronies: An Outsider’s Opinion Part 4

Another great interview – This is a Brony living in Japan who has a podcast and uses MLP to teach Japanese students English!

Osaka Jack

1Tell me about how you got into this fandom? What is the draw?
Living in Japan, it can be harder to get decent US shows (no Netflix or Hulu), so it wasn’t until the 2ndseason was fully underway that I became aware of the show.  I often have to work on student reports on my computer for entire weekends, so I will download a season of a show, and use that as a way to break up the monotony. 5 reports, watch an episode, repeat. I downloaded the first season of My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic and was enthralled. The second episode made me a big fan, the 3rd sealed the deal.
A few months later, I found out about bronies, and visited some of the sites that had sprung up. I joined twitter, and was able to interact with many of the voice actors, writers, and producers directly, as well as other bronies and fans. BronyCon sealed the deal. I watched the livestream of the event on Everfree Network, and was enthralled with the panels of voice actors, writers, and the creator, Lauren Faust.  I fully admit staying up till 3AM to watch and listen in. Time zones suck sometimes.
One of the voice actors, Michelle Creber, had started a weekly show on Everfree Network (then Everfree Radio), and I joined in the stream, and asked some questions in the chat, which she answered. It was a blast.
After a few weeks, I approached the head of EFN, Final Draft, about starting my own show on the network. We worked out the format, and Halloween 2012, my podcast, Into the Spotlight, debuted. It’s a laid back interview style weekly podcast, where I will speak to a brony that, I feel, deserves a little bit more attention. I do the show solo, from arranging and performing interviews, to audio editing, to rendering, to airing it. I don’t get paid, but I enjoy doing it. I call it a professional hobby. The show is almost in its 2 year anniversary.YouTube
Japan was slower to get MLP and bronies, and it is still a smaller audience here, but I’m happily a staff member of Japan PonyCon as well, assisting them in getting foreign talent booked for skype calls, helping out English speakers attending the con. It’s a lot of work, but very much worth it to see how excited they get over the convention.
(sorry for the length)
2What are the best and worst things about this fandom?
The best things are the sense of community. I have more friends now than I ever have, frankly, and, while not all are still bronies, that is how we first met, and I have quite a few friends that are still bronies with me.
The worst things? Hm. Well, I do feel there is somehow a shared sense of blame. There are bronies that are, frankly, asshats, just as there will be asshats in any large enough group. And I do feel badly that those people use the same moniker as I do. But many people outside the fandom will try to force an apology from every brony they meet. “There are artists that draw ponies sexually. What do you have to SAY for that?” Well, that’s a shame if it’s something that kids can see, sure. And I don’t care for that myself. But, frankly, I don’t owe anyone an apology for someone else’s actions. But, then again, I suppose that can be said for many groups out there, can’t it? Lots of people want every member of the group to apologize for what someone in the group does. Mind you, I don’t support such behavior. I have a pretty strict filter on my guest list for the show, and I won’t interact with a lot of people that dwell in so much hate on twitter.
3Are you open about liking MLP or is it something you keep to yourself, why?
I’m open about it, but I do dislike it when some bronies try to FORCE others to like the show. As far as openness, I have advantages in this area that not all bronies do. Firstly, I teach kids. Any kids teacher that doesn’t know decent kids entertainment will be at a loss. Secondly, I’m in my mid 30’s, so I honestly don’t care what most people think. And thirdly, I am a foreigner living in Japan. ANYthing I do is seen as odd and I get stared at for riding the train. The fact that I now have a pony on my bag hasn’t changed that at all.
4Obviously, being a Brony comes with its fair share of stigmas and issues. What is something that you’d like to tell people who prematurely judge you for being a Brony?
Frankly? Go ahead. I’d prefer it if people would hear bronies out before judging, but trying to force someone into liking you or liking what you like is just as bad as discriminating against a person. I can point to the many conventions, amount raised for charities (about half a million dollars since 2011, an orphanage built in Uganda, etc), the number of suicides prevented, the number of friendships made, even the global connections created, but it doesn’t have to be the massive things that matter.
I use MLP:FiM to help teach English to Japanese students. One adult student was having a terrible day. I suggested we learn the English to Smile Song. the end of listening to it, tears were streaming down her face. She was so happy. It didn’t change anything in the outside world, but gave her the relief of a smile that she had been missing for the last week.
It makes a difference.
5Is there anything else you’d like to add about Bronies and/or MLP?
As corny as it sounds, before MLP:FiM, I was miserable. I just didn’t know it. In the last 3 years, I am a better man. I have more friends, better relationships, and I’m healthier emotionally than I have ever been, and it is largely due to MLP:FiM.

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Bronies: An Outsider’s Opinion Part 3

Welcome to my third installment of the bronies series! This one is jam packed with information about the culture! It’s a fun interview (plus, for those readers that are obsessed with the UK – adorable accent alert on his youtube channel.) 

Shadow Night
Tell me about how you got into this fandom? What is the draw?

I got into the fandom not originally for the show but because of the community itself. I admired
how much time and effort some people put into videos, artwork, books! I wanted to do the
same. So around November last year I began watching the show. It was amazing how much I
liked this show, the voice’s, animation, the story even though if I had seen an advert for MLP in
say 2012, I would have told people how bad this show was without even watching it. I joined
what some like to call the ‘analysis side’ of the fandom. This is a group of bronies that enjoy
watching the show and making videos about what it entailed, the good parts, bad parts. Telling
people that they hated it or loved it. This part of the fandom is generally call out for being too
negative about a kids show and they should lighten up, and to be honest, they all took that in
their stride. I preferred looking even deeper. I began making up stories of politics, wars and all
sorts in the pony world. This is when I started my Youtube career as a Brony ‘Headcanon writer’. .
This is where I make up something without much evidence. I only have 154 subscribers from
this, yet I have been noticed for it when talking in live streams. This is a fandom I can connect to
instantly, and that’s why I joined.

What are the best and worst things about this fandom?


– Bronies have organized countless charity events

– We accept people who aren’t accepted elsewhere

– We are breaking down the border of gender stereotypes around the world, even tempting



(Let me just place something here, from lots of people during this you are going to get people
that put ‘Clop’ down. I’m going to leave this guys video here to explain some more about this,
and why it shouldn’t be counted as a ‘worst’ thing.
PBpOxig – also important to not, not all Bronies do it)

– We may be able to create a bond out of nothing, but don’t trust it. Just because we like the
same stuff bronies are generally very defensive and can fall apart with each other fast, in some
case’s (including with myself) two bronies cannot be allowed to talk to each other because it will
turn into a all out flame war. Now this is the same with most people not in the fandom, but to
the outside world its confusing because we spread this message of friendship

– Hugboxes. Hugboxes are what we call chats that will only post positive comments on something, even if it doesn’t deserve it. Many bronies view artwork, as real artists, and will try and post constructive criticism to help with work. This comment will get drowned out instantly

 Are you open about liking MLP or is it something you keep to yourself, why?

For most people it’s different. I am a brony that doesn’t care what people think, I’m all about trying to rid the world of these gender stereotypes and will openly admit to being a Brony. I told lots of my friends I was a Brony before they found out another way, turns out one of my friends was a Brony… That was interesting. However, with my parents its different. Unlike my friends I live with my parents 24/7/365 so their judgment it allot more daunting. I hinted at being a Brony before straight up telling them, or at least my Mother, my Dad couldn’t care less XD I did a draw session for people on Twitter, they would send in a OC and I would draw it. These drawing were then left around my room, so they got the hint. Now I’m quite happy to be open with anyone.

Obviously, being a Brony comes with its fair share of stigmas and issues. What is something that you’d like to tell people who prematurely judge you for being a Brony?

“Don’t knock it till you try it bro!” is a classic, or “Deal with it m8 *Shades on*” is a modern twist on a old favorite. The thing about bullying, hassling on the street and at one point told to stop at gun point (Yep, this really happened, a man’s window was smashed in and a gun held to his head… Crazy rednecks) Is something me ,as a person who loves studying things, looked into. I noticed that the general stigmas, prejudices and discrimination happens over in America, mostly near Texas. Over here in Britain the Brony fandom is less known but is slowly gaining with media attention, but this is a plus to people like me, I can shape people’s views of the Brony fandom before any bad media gets to them, such as with my parents who had seen media call Bronies perverts and such.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about Bronies and/or MLP?

Yep, we are Bronies and Pegasisters(what some females like to call themselves), but we are also
gentic, physics and chemical scientists, Gamers, artists, writers, produces, musicians, celebrities,
military and much more. We are so much more than Bronies you could go a long time without
knowing your friend is a Brony. We simply chose that name because we are proud of it.And after that dramatic speech, terminology!

When someone becomes a Brony, or is addressed as a Brony, instead of us saying “Are you part
of the Brony fandom?” we would shorten it to “Member of the Herd?”. You can guess what
that’s a reference to.
OC means original character. For the most part everything you make that can do stuff is a OC, but most Bronies have a personal OC. It what becomes your face in the fandom, as with my name.You can make a OC look however you want, but some loose rules have been put in place for what we expect, no-one has yet to follow to the letter (


“What do people look for in well-made OCs?
Whoa, where do I start? It’s not so much fandom-dependent, so you can cross-apply this to just
about any fandom you join, but in general, your rules are:


Try to stick to the colour scheme of the original media. In our case, it’s not very often that you find particularly sharp colours. Think faint and pastelly, Don’t use too many accessories. One or two is enough!

Now for some good news. You don’t have to differentiate genders with the snout type. It’s
perfectly okay to have a colt with a filly’s snout, as long as you remove the eyelashes to help
differentiate it a bit. (It might make creating a model for Garry’s Mod or Source Filmmaker a
little tougher though, and trust me, you’ll want to!) Just don’t make them huge like Big Mac or
Snowflake; stick to a more slender and average-size body.Don’t go wild on the manestyle unless you’ve got a good reason for them to be a pony of high class.


Don’t go super-edgy! It’s unlikely that drugs and alcohol (beyond cider) exist in Equestria.
(Robbery probably might.) Try not to go anywhere near pregnancy and abuse either.Fun fact: Lauren Faust clarified in a DeviantArt comment that ponies reproduce in the usual way (thanks /u/Kodiologist!), and the episode Baby Cakes seems to have proved this.Don’t make them overpowered! This means no alicorns, no more than two special talents (think along the lines of hobbies, like art and programming. Don’t touch super-high intellect and a gift for fighting with a barge pole! I can’t stress this enough, seriously. The less like Chaos Gun your OC is, the better. (Thanks, /u/jaconok.)Ponysonas are perfectly okay. It’s very normal to make an OC with similar qualities to yourself. Recognise your flaws while you’re making it, too.”

Another part is back-story, all OC’s must have back-story or they make no sense. The no alicorn rule people cannot stress enough. An Alicorn is Pegasi and Unicorn, and pretty much god in the
light of the show. People think they should be god a lot… In the case of my OC I didn’t follow the rules one bit as I wanted him to standout. He was Over Powered, so I filled him to the brim with flaws and that seems to level it out.

Other than that, I would recommend you view Equestria Daily (, It has everything on latest news about Ponies and Bronies, but also is a place people post their creations to be viewed by many.

That’s all, hope this help’s.



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Bronies: An Outsider’s Opinion Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my Bronies series! Here are the next couple of interviews! I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments in the section below. 

Total Krazen
Tell me about how you got into this fandom? What is the draw?
It was a few years ago and I was messing around on another community website known as “Furaffinity” When I noticed that a few of the artists I was following at the time had began to draw the characters from what I know today as My Little Pony. I took no mind to it as well.. I was used to creation, and things like this were the usual. However a few weeks later I had noticed a lot of negative replies start to flood the artists. Just as most I was curious, so I started reading (always a bad idea) Very quickly I learned why everyone was upset. The members of the site felt as though the MLP fandom was beginning to “invade”. I at that point had seen quite a bit of the pony stuff beginning to peak it head out and I was curious. At first I had to judgment to it. I soon found a link to a few episodes and started watching away….. Then I realized I needed food or I was going to die… so I took a break. At that point I was ecstatic! I had found another compelling piece of my anthro world and decided I was going to start drawing for ir it as well. The rest is history (Meh) But I would say that the draw was in the creativity or me. Another awesome show for me to draw and spend time with.

What are the best and worst things about this fandom?
I would say the best things about our fandom and the worst is very closely related things. On one side you have the people who share a genuine love for the show and it’s morals. The people who understand enough about themselves and what is around them and they accept it. Even people who are really into the show can express themselves appropriately and work off of some common grounds. On the flip side you have the general fandom that represents itself in a hurtful manner. By either not being genuine or by letting personal gain get in the way of a biased community. By people who understand this they stick out like a sore thumb. However most people can be in this form of social understanding that even they may not realize how they are representing both themselves and others. Or may not care.
Are you open about liking MLP or is it something you keep to yourself, why?
I am very open about my liking to the show. In fact I co-own a media company based off of the show. We work out of a local city and most people are aware of our standing as we work with them. Plus have to have that “swag”
Obviously, being a Brony comes with its fair share of stigmas and issues. What is something that you’d like to tell people who prematurely judge you for being a Brony?
It matters not what I say, as it has all been said every which way it can be. We live in a progressive time, and either we will fall into place alongside what is to come and we will not. These things are very fragile and extremely fluid.
Is there anything else you’d like to add about Bronies and/or MLP?
Honestly, there is not much more to say, all that you are going to get from the fandom will be with your own experience. Go out there, have a great time with an awesome marine dressed as snowflake, and possibly meet mr. Spaghetti, either way you will make those decisions for yourself and thats what it is all about… and OH YEAH Blackjack is best Horsey

Tell me about how you got into this fandom? What is the draw?
I love all things animated, and I was a big fan of My Little Pony as a girl. I got into the cartoon easily enough and the fandom came a little later, when I met a few bronies and realized that I wasn’t alone. I think the biggest draw is knowing that you’re not alone; that other people are just as crazy as you are. That’s not limited to bronyhood, either, really… I think that’s a big draw in any community.

What are the best and worst things about this fandom?

 The best thing about this fandom is the talent. Once you start to dive into it you can easily get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of fanart, fanfic, fan-made videos, and everything else Bronies have to offer. Truly amazing stuff.
 The worst thing is the reputation. People give me tolerant smiles since I’m female and always liked cartoons. But I’ve had to explain many times that I didn’t go to a convention full of paedophiles. Seriously.

Are you open about liking MLP or is it something you keep to yourself, why? 
 I’m open about it. Being a girl helps. Well, being a post-girl helps. I’m older than I look and a lot older than I act. I’m actually employed at a ferry that serves primarily tourists, and I have pony buttons on my hat. Adults don’t usually comment, but every prepubescent girl notices my Pinkie Pie.

Obviously, being a Brony comes with its fair share of stigmas and issues. What is something that you’d like to tell people who prematurely judge you for being a Brony?  
 No really, I don’t hang out with paedophiles! I promised a coworker that I’d keep an eye out for any creepy looking guys at Bronycon, and I did. I’m glad, too, because I can honestly say I was looking for and didn’t see a single person who gave me bad vibes. None.

What I did notice was a higher rate of people with disabilities. (There were a lot of service dogs – and one service pig – dressed as Spike, which was awesome.) But it wasn’t until a young man talked to us at a plushie panel that I really put a finger on something. He said, “plushies… You can look at their faces. They won’t hurt you.” It reminded me of my grad school studies on autism. Actually, it makes a lot of sense: someone with autism would be really helped by the nonthreatening, explicit social lessons of MLP. Of course, getting them to generalize that into their own lives might be a challenge, but I’d love to see a study done on the effects of MLP on the lives of its socially impaired viewers. (Sorry… I’ve got a Master’s of special ed; I’m gonna geek out over scientific studies.)

Is there anything else you’d like to add about Bronies and/or MLP?
  If you can’t be bothered to watch the show, do a YouTube search on original MLP videos. That’ll give you an idea of the scope of the fandom. You’ve got parody and you’ve got homage and everything in between. Some of it’s pure crap but some is professionally done.

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Bronies: An Outsider’s Opinion Part 1

Months ago my friend, David, asked me what my thoughts on bronies were. He told me I should write a blog post about it. The only problem is, I don’t know enough about bronies to even have a real opinion about them. I know that there is a lot of stigma because it’s dudes that like MLP. When it comes down to it, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a cute show and I can see why people like it. Anyway, I decided to do some real research on it and happened to post on twitter that I’d like to do an interview of some Bronies and well… my twitter EXPLODED with notifications. Like, an overwhelming amount of people were interested. I came up with some question and sent them out and I’m going to share them with you over the next couple of days. Hopefully this gives some insight to my readers (and me) what the culture is REALLY like.

It’s kind of crazy because I started out thinking I wasn’t going to really connect with this fandom at all. But, after reading the response from people, it kind of blew me away. They’ve responded with things that I genuinely care about (gender roles/gender equality/hate within the fandom/stereotypes/etc) … things that I deal with a lot in my life and it’s interesting to see the roles kind of reversed. I’m a female in a predominately male fandom and they’re males in something that is considered to be predominately for females. It’s interesting to see the similarities.  Interestingly enough, male fans are called a “brony”, female fans are, “pegasisters” and the group of are called, “The Herd”.  I received feedback from a few females but mostly males.

I want you to read the interviews and then I’ll share with you how I feel about the fandom.
Here is the first couple of interviews.

Jade Kaprelian
 Tell me about how you got into this fandom? What is the draw?

a.       I had a friend tell me I had to watch this show. As a little kid I remember watching My Little Pony, but Gen 4 is completely different from what I remember. I like the characters, their development and the story.

What are the best and worst things about this fandom?

a.       The best things about the fandom is the kindness I’ve seen. I have been to other types of conventions (anime, comic book, and scifi) and Bronies are some of the nicest people I’ve met. They are willing to help out complete strangers and are really nice.
b.      The worst things are like in any fandom there are a small amount of creepy fans. 

Are you open about liking MLP or is it something you keep to yourself, why?

a.       I am open about it. As a vendor I go to a lot of conventions every year. A good portion of those are for MLP. My friends and family know and I don’t see why they shouldn’t know. I don’t see a problem in liking the show.

   Obviously, being a Brony comes with its fair share of stigmas and issues. What is something that you’d like to tell people who prematurely judge you for being a Brony?

a.       Bronies are people too. Many people think it’s wrong, but it’s just a hobby and there a lot worse things people could be doing with their time such as drugs instead of watching colorful cartoon horses.

 Is there anything else you’d like to add about Bronies and/or MLP?
As a cosplayer it’s fun to try something new and imagine these characters as human. I have done 4 MLP cosplays including Applejack, Equestria Girls  Applejack, Gala Rainbowdash, and Flufflepuff. I am about to start working on a Twilight Sparkle Fursuit. It’s the first time I have made one before and if it wasn’t for the show I wouldn’t be pushing myself to try making something so difficult. MLP breeds creativity in people and I think that is a wonderful thing.

Spike Firemane
 Tell me about how you got into this fandom? What is the draw?
Basically name is Spike Firemane I was introduced to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic through Canadian Pop Band Hey Ocean! whose lead singer is Ashleigh Ball the voice of Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack! I am a woodcarver who would have quit my craft if it wasn’t for a “Right place, right time” scenario! I just decided to carve RD and AJ over her other character at the time of meeting her Plum Pudding on Strawberry Shortcake! I was introduced to the Bronies of NYC at the concert and that lead to a chain reaction!
Are you open about liking MLP or is it something you keep to yourself, why?
 I wear pony t-shirts out in public so I am very open on being a Brony! I don’t push my likes on other people as long as they can respect that I am an individual.
 Is there anything else you’d like to add about Bronies and/or MLP? 
People are misinformed about Bronies and two documentaries were done on Bronies one called Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony and A Brony Tale help clarify who we as a fandom are all about.

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