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My Blogging Tools

What tools do I use to blog? I have a couple of different things that I pretty much use on a consistent basis for blogging. These are most of my physical tools for blogging.

They include:
– Planner
– Pens and Pencils
– Laptop
– Tablet
– Phone

Not Pictured:
– DSLR Camera & Accessories

Digital Tools:
– Photoshop
– Lightroom
– Blogging Platform
Google Trends

How I use these tools:
Most of my blogging starts with my planner. I am currently filling up my new one for 2015. I write everything in pencil unless it’s something set in stone. There are certain blogging link ups that I like to participate in (Fandom Friday) and I also set a schedule for my Sponsor posts. If I am reviewing a product, I am giving a limited amount of time to try, review, and post about it. These are the kinds of posts I will write in pen. They are deadlines that have to be met. Everything else is written in pencil because they are subject to changing. I have goals for each week of things I’d like to get done and I write them in order of highest to lowest priority.

My pretty laptop

This is obviously my most important tool. It’s a PC and is something I had built from scratch. It is a gaming laptop and is where I do most of my gaming (#pcmasterrace). I’ve taken the Tetris stickers from my December lootcrate and spelled out “The Nerdy Fox”. I think it’s cute and a fun way to represent my blog. My tablet and phone  are used as ways to keep ideas, ways to keep up on other blogs when I’m not at the computer and a way to monitor my social media pages. My camera is used for pictures, obviously and is something that I am planning on using more throughout 2015. Yay photography!

My Digital Tools:
Depending on what kind of picture I am going to be editing, I use photoshop and/or lightroom and a lot of the time, I use both. My blogging platform is currently blogger but I am hoping that is going to change when I renew my domain. I’d like to be completely switched over to wordpress by July of this year. Hootsuite is where I schedule my twitter posts. I take some time each month and  schedule my follow Friday and sponsor Saturday posts and I can add more people to them as the month goes on. I also take some time each week to review what is scheduled and add the posts from the week on there. Google trends is something that I’ve just started using. it’s a way to check keywords and how they’re trending. It’s helpful to drive more traffic to your blog.

What are YOUR blogging tools?  

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