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Sponsor: Say Hello

I love my sponsors. They’re what make my blog possible – Today, I bring you my newest sponsor, Sarah from Say Hello.  I’ve said it before, but I really love when my readers (and sponsors) get something out of my blog. Sarah is a self-proclaimed closet nerd and so I decided to ask her some great geeky questions to get to know her (and her nerdy side) a little better.
Via Say Hello

My name is Sarah and I am the blogger behind Say Hello. I am from Littleton, Colorado and love books, cats, yoga, wine and all things geeky! I love reading The Nerdy Fox so I’m super excited to guest post for Heather!
Mac or PC: Well the Husband works for a Microsoft based company so I am legally bound by marriage to say PC {apparently Apple is the Devil and we don’t talk about them, let alone praise them}. But honestly, I have always preferred a PC over Mac and have only primarily used a PC. I recently got a Surface Pro 3 and I’m pretty much in love. It replaced my iPad and my laptop. Just like the commercial said it would.
Gaming console of choice: Xbox One. I flippin’ love our Xbox. We use it for all media in our house and I game the crap out of it as well. I loved Assassins Creed: Black Flag so much – so as soon Assassins Creed: Unity came out, I was all over it. It is a bit different than Black Flag but I like it so far!
Favorite book of all time: This one is tough. On average, I read about a book a week so to pick just one is challenging. Hmmm errrrr. Ok, ok, my all-time favorite book is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and my current favorite is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. It’s such a cool book that covers all of late twentieth century pop culture. And the best part – the audio book is read by Wil Wheaton.
Star Trek or Star Wars: My 10 year old self would be so mad at me– but I have to say Star Trek. I grew up living and breathing Star Wars. My cousins and I used to take our Star Wars action figures into the woods in our back yard and make mini movies. When I got married to my husband he introduced me to the world of Star Trek. I love it. I love old, new, the original, Next Generation, whatever I can get my hands on – I am equal opportunity Star Trek watcher. And can we talk about Chris Pine? HOT.
What game should more people know more about: I am a big fan of tabletop games and our collection keeps growing despite the Husband’s protests. Typically when you think of tabletop games, Monopoly or Life come to mind. We play more eclectic games like Lords of Waterdeep, Dominion and Smash Up. One game that we play a ton of is Ticket to Ride. This game is so much fun and everyone in the family can play. It’s not too hard and it only takes about an hour from set-up to game end. We’ve introduced the game to a few friends and family members and now they’re hooked!
If you had to choose one of these things and why:
-Join Starfleet
-Become a Jedi
-Travel Space and Time with The Doctor
-Go on an adventure in Middle Earth
-Attend Hogwarts to become a witch
ACK! I have to choose just one?! Even though I am a Star Trek fan I would become a Jedi. I get use a light saber!? I have jedi-mind tricks?! YES PLEASE. This is not the Sarah you are looking for.

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