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How To Organize Your Pinterest Boards

 Pinterest is such a fun place but sometimes you need to go through and clean everything up. I’ve been neglecting to this to mine for some time but I finally sat down and changed everything around. It looks so much better now!
As you can see, my pinterest was a complete and utter mess. I mean, the cover photos are all over place, the boards I have are just a mixture of everything. I decided that I need to increase the number of boards I have (to make things easier to find later!) and to update my cover photos and move things to the right board. 
I started with my food board. I decided what I wanted to keep, what I wanted to move and what I wanted to delete. I made two new board for my food: a sweets/treats one and one for drinks. I moved everything accordingly. I deleted any duplicate pins or things that didn’t have working links.

Moving things on pinterest has gotten a lot easier! You can now select multiple pins and move them.
 All you have to do to create a new board from here is click on the arrow and add a new board. You can then move the pins to this newly created board.

Some things to note: You don’t have to change the cover photo but pinterest defaults it to the first pin in the board. This means that you’ll get whatever random pin and it won’t be centered to your liking. It’s always good to check and scroll through your cover options. The cover is going to draw people in to the board so it’s always a good idea to have an interesting cover that is relevant to the board.

 I moved on to my Nerdgasm board. This one was the WORST. It was just a mess of all my fandoms and geekery in one place. It needed some serious help.  I made a board for each of my fandoms that I know I regularly pin to. Then I started moving pins over to their new boards.
***Tip: Do you have some pins that you’re like, “Oh, this is a crossover and I don’t know where I should pin it?!”?? I suggest going with the main theme of the pin. For example, I have a pin of a Pichu dressed as Link from Zelda. I pinned these to my Pokemon boards because it’s a Pokemon dressed as Link.  Make sense?

This is also an important thing to note: You don’t have to have a creative name for every single board. Sometimes you just need a Star Wars board. It can be called Star Wars and you can pin awesome things to it. 😉

Once you’re done moving all your pins around, you’re going to go to your newly created boards and edit their description, categorize them, and change their cover photo.

You’re almost done! All that is let to do is organize your board order. I moved the most popular ones up towards the top and kept all the fandoms together.

Now that you’re nice and organized, you can go back to pinning! 

Happy Pinning!

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