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Sponsor: A Girl Who Reads

I love my sponsors! I love even more when they’re a kindred spirit. 
A Girl Who Reads is a blog about one of my favorite things, BOOKS! 

“Welcome to A Girl Who Reads, a place that we hope will become a home for every woman who loves a good book. There is a simple joy in picking up a book, to dive into a whole new world without leaving your home. Here I will write book reviews, share book news, ponder literature and generally just want to talk about reading with you. I would love it if you grabbed yourself a cuppa and explored.
An important note, here we do not care how you read your books. We’ve heard the paperback v. eReader arguments but this is a safe space where we do not judge people for how they choose to read their books (as long as they read them). A Girl Who Reads has more paperbacks than space to store them but also loads of books on our Kindle’s. So lets say no more about it.” — About A Girl Who Reads

I love that there are people in this world that love books as much as I do. People who want to share books and enjoy discussing literature with people — no matter the format that they read in! I am partial to paperbacks but I love how easy it is to have my books on my tablet with me at all times!

She writes great reviews and she does something that I really love. When she reviews it she tells you whether or not she recommends it for various groups of people… and TELLS YOU WHY! So for example, she reviewed Seven Letters From Paris. Would she Recommend it for a book club? “As a book no, this doesn’t have the deeper content for a book club. That said I enjoyed that all of the seven letters that the book are named after aren’t all given to you at the very start but spaced throughout – that stylistic choice would be interesting to talk to a book club about.” I love that.

Alys has written some GREAT Gift Guides that I wanted to share with you guys as well. 

This one made me happy – I’m always looking for new children’s books! 
You can find her on: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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