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Geeky Confessions

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now and after the crazy weekend I had, I think it’s time for some geeky confessions.

I hate supernatural. I don’t understand the fandom. I don’t think any of them are cute.
 I. do. not. like. supernatural. – It makes me really, really mad when I’m on pinterest and BAM! Supernatural fandom is taking over.

I didn’t see Star Wars until I was 25 …. And that’s because my brother liked star wars and  I didn’t want to be like him. True freaking story. Sometimes, just sometimes, your brother might know what is up. (But most of the time, brothers are lame and don’t know things. bahaha. )

I’ve talked about this one before, but I have an abnormal obsession with The Lord of the Rings. I used to go into a chat room (REMEMBER THOSE?!) … Called The Barrow Downs (we called it “BD”) that was just a bunch of LotR nerds and spend hours and hours talking them. I’ve actually still stayed in contact with some of them and have met them IRL and they’re just as cool as I thought they’d be.

The day this came out, my dog died. I spent the entire movie crying and my friends thought it was because of Heath Ledger… and teased me about it… which made me MORE upset and made me cry MORE. While that was sad, I was definitely more upset about my dog dying. I still cannot watch this movie because it reminds me of that day.

Do you have any geeky confessions??

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