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Pop! Ilumbo: Puzzler & Pop Art

This fun mobile game was release on Robert Indiana’s birthday.

Robert Indiana is an American artist know for his hard-edge and pop art paintings. He it actually one of my favorite artists. So, of course I am going to love games that are inspired by his work.

Pop! Ilumbo is a puzzler game that is pretty addictive. I have been playing it pretty frequently (trying to unlock the extra puzzles!) and have zero complaints about it. The game features Ilumbo’s WarpHole technology, which causes the game to borrow art from other games installed on the device. The extra art is then used to present even more puzzles. It’s a Flow and Sudoku puzzle – that is something that is key in knowing how to play. You have two options when selecting a puzzle. You can do the flow version or the Sudoku version. 

Plus! It’s FREE!

So, go give it a shot and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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