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My Outsider’s Opinion on Bronies and Cloppers


I hope the interviews weren’t TL;DR. I thought that they were pretty dang interesting. I mean, it definitely shed some light on a fandom that until very recently, I knew absolutely nothing about. I have seen very little of MLP – just whatever my daughter has watched and she isn’t really into it. I’ve thought about sitting down and watching it but I just get into it. I honestly wish I was more interested in the show because the fandom is great! Unfortunately, it just isn’t for me. I can see why people love it. I totally get it! It just isn’t something that appeals to me on any real level.  And that’s okay. I don’t have to like the show to appreciate the fandom. 

What I noticed:
1. They are just like my fandoms. WHAT?! I know, crazy. They are people who love and obsess over a show.  Just like us. They create art, and fanfics, and discuss theories…. just like my fandoms!
2. We face mostly the same issues. When people think of “bronies” they think of weird adult dudes that like My Little Pony. But in reality, it’s not just dudes and they’re not all weird. (I mean, I’m sure some of them are weird… but that isn’t the point.) People find out that I’m a girl gamer and they either think that I suck or that I want to suck their dick. ( I don’t. (sorry for the vulgarity.) )Every fandom has their issues and generally, we all have the same issues, it just applies differently to each of us.
3. They’re very much ready to defend MLP. (I do this with my fandoms, too) It’s something that is really important to them and they’re protective. I like that.
4. They’re supportive. They’re willing to help. They uphold the morals from the show. I love that. .

Now, for the most awkward question…

What are your thoughts on cloppers?
For those of you who don’t know what a clopper is … It’s someone who masturbates to MLP things.
My thoughts on it are this: If it isn’t hurting someone, then what you do in your bedroom is your own business. Obviously, I’m not into it. I don’t know anyone that is and it isn’t really a subject I want to discuss with anyone… because, sex is awkward. But considering Rule 34 of the internet (if it exists, then somewhere on the internet there is porn) it’s not surprising that there are cloppers. Keep in mind that there is the humanized MLP show (My Little Pony Equestria Girls) and so I’m sure some of it isn’t just pony porn. The thing is, there are people into way weirder things than MLP. And frankly, I’m positive that there are some people (probably more than you think) in your fandoms that do similar things. With that thought, it’s not my place to judge anyone and I’ll stick behind my original stance. If it isn’t hurting anyone then what you do in your bedroom is your own business.

The fandom is clearly misunderstood. They’re super nice and obsess just like us.
Cloppers are a thing but what someone does in their bedroom is their own business as long as it isn’t hurting anyone.
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