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Bronies: An Outsider’s Opinion Part 3

Welcome to my third installment of the bronies series! This one is jam packed with information about the culture! It’s a fun interview (plus, for those readers that are obsessed with the UK – adorable accent alert on his youtube channel.) 

Shadow Night
Tell me about how you got into this fandom? What is the draw?

I got into the fandom not originally for the show but because of the community itself. I admired
how much time and effort some people put into videos, artwork, books! I wanted to do the
same. So around November last year I began watching the show. It was amazing how much I
liked this show, the voice’s, animation, the story even though if I had seen an advert for MLP in
say 2012, I would have told people how bad this show was without even watching it. I joined
what some like to call the ‘analysis side’ of the fandom. This is a group of bronies that enjoy
watching the show and making videos about what it entailed, the good parts, bad parts. Telling
people that they hated it or loved it. This part of the fandom is generally call out for being too
negative about a kids show and they should lighten up, and to be honest, they all took that in
their stride. I preferred looking even deeper. I began making up stories of politics, wars and all
sorts in the pony world. This is when I started my Youtube career as a Brony ‘Headcanon writer’.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvupo0SYbIY0slKLpLwNoFw .
This is where I make up something without much evidence. I only have 154 subscribers from
this, yet I have been noticed for it when talking in live streams. This is a fandom I can connect to
instantly, and that’s why I joined.

What are the best and worst things about this fandom?


– Bronies have organized countless charity events

– We accept people who aren’t accepted elsewhere

– We are breaking down the border of gender stereotypes around the world, even tempting



(Let me just place something here, from lots of people during this you are going to get people
that put ‘Clop’ down. I’m going to leave this guys video here to explain some more about this,
and why it shouldn’t be counted as a ‘worst’ thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jyj-
PBpOxig – also important to not, not all Bronies do it)

– We may be able to create a bond out of nothing, but don’t trust it. Just because we like the
same stuff bronies are generally very defensive and can fall apart with each other fast, in some
case’s (including with myself) two bronies cannot be allowed to talk to each other because it will
turn into a all out flame war. Now this is the same with most people not in the fandom, but to
the outside world its confusing because we spread this message of friendship

– Hugboxes. Hugboxes are what we call chats that will only post positive comments on something, even if it doesn’t deserve it. Many bronies view artwork, as real artists, and will try and post constructive criticism to help with work. This comment will get drowned out instantly

 Are you open about liking MLP or is it something you keep to yourself, why?

For most people it’s different. I am a brony that doesn’t care what people think, I’m all about trying to rid the world of these gender stereotypes and will openly admit to being a Brony. I told lots of my friends I was a Brony before they found out another way, turns out one of my friends was a Brony… That was interesting. However, with my parents its different. Unlike my friends I live with my parents 24/7/365 so their judgment it allot more daunting. I hinted at being a Brony before straight up telling them, or at least my Mother, my Dad couldn’t care less XD I did a draw session for people on Twitter, they would send in a OC and I would draw it. These drawing were then left around my room, so they got the hint. Now I’m quite happy to be open with anyone.

Obviously, being a Brony comes with its fair share of stigmas and issues. What is something that you’d like to tell people who prematurely judge you for being a Brony?

“Don’t knock it till you try it bro!” is a classic, or “Deal with it m8 *Shades on*” is a modern twist on a old favorite. The thing about bullying, hassling on the street and at one point told to stop at gun point (Yep, this really happened, a man’s window was smashed in and a gun held to his head… Crazy rednecks) Is something me ,as a person who loves studying things, looked into. I noticed that the general stigmas, prejudices and discrimination happens over in America, mostly near Texas. Over here in Britain the Brony fandom is less known but is slowly gaining with media attention, but this is a plus to people like me, I can shape people’s views of the Brony fandom before any bad media gets to them, such as with my parents who had seen media call Bronies perverts and such.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about Bronies and/or MLP?

Yep, we are Bronies and Pegasisters(what some females like to call themselves), but we are also
gentic, physics and chemical scientists, Gamers, artists, writers, produces, musicians, celebrities,
military and much more. We are so much more than Bronies you could go a long time without
knowing your friend is a Brony. We simply chose that name because we are proud of it.And after that dramatic speech, terminology!

When someone becomes a Brony, or is addressed as a Brony, instead of us saying “Are you part
of the Brony fandom?” we would shorten it to “Member of the Herd?”. You can guess what
that’s a reference to.
OC means original character. For the most part everything you make that can do stuff is a OC, but most Bronies have a personal OC. It what becomes your face in the fandom, as with my name.You can make a OC look however you want, but some loose rules have been put in place for what we expect, no-one has yet to follow to the letter (http://www.reddit.com/r/mlpoc/wiki/


“What do people look for in well-made OCs?
Whoa, where do I start? It’s not so much fandom-dependent, so you can cross-apply this to just
about any fandom you join, but in general, your rules are:


Try to stick to the colour scheme of the original media. In our case, it’s not very often that you find particularly sharp colours. Think faint and pastelly, Don’t use too many accessories. One or two is enough!

Now for some good news. You don’t have to differentiate genders with the snout type. It’s
perfectly okay to have a colt with a filly’s snout, as long as you remove the eyelashes to help
differentiate it a bit. (It might make creating a model for Garry’s Mod or Source Filmmaker a
little tougher though, and trust me, you’ll want to!) Just don’t make them huge like Big Mac or
Snowflake; stick to a more slender and average-size body.Don’t go wild on the manestyle unless you’ve got a good reason for them to be a pony of high class.


Don’t go super-edgy! It’s unlikely that drugs and alcohol (beyond cider) exist in Equestria.
(Robbery probably might.) Try not to go anywhere near pregnancy and abuse either.Fun fact: Lauren Faust clarified in a DeviantArt comment that ponies reproduce in the usual way (thanks /u/Kodiologist!), and the episode Baby Cakes seems to have proved this.Don’t make them overpowered! This means no alicorns, no more than two special talents (think along the lines of hobbies, like art and programming. Don’t touch super-high intellect and a gift for fighting with a barge pole! I can’t stress this enough, seriously. The less like Chaos Gun your OC is, the better. (Thanks, /u/jaconok.)Ponysonas are perfectly okay. It’s very normal to make an OC with similar qualities to yourself. Recognise your flaws while you’re making it, too.”

Another part is back-story, all OC’s must have back-story or they make no sense. The no alicorn rule people cannot stress enough. An Alicorn is Pegasi and Unicorn, and pretty much god in the
light of the show. People think they should be god a lot… In the case of my OC I didn’t follow the rules one bit as I wanted him to standout. He was Over Powered, so I filled him to the brim with flaws and that seems to level it out.

Other than that, I would recommend you view Equestria Daily (http://www.equestriadaily.com/), It has everything on latest news about Ponies and Bronies, but also is a place people post their creations to be viewed by many.

That’s all, hope this help’s.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShadowNightPony

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvupo0SYbIY0slKLpLwNoFw

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