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Bronies: An Outsider’s Opinion Part 1

Months ago my friend, David, asked me what my thoughts on bronies were. He told me I should write a blog post about it. The only problem is, I don’t know enough about bronies to even have a real opinion about them. I know that there is a lot of stigma because it’s dudes that like MLP. When it comes down to it, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a cute show and I can see why people like it. Anyway, I decided to do some real research on it and happened to post on twitter that I’d like to do an interview of some Bronies and well… my twitter EXPLODED with notifications. Like, an overwhelming amount of people were interested. I came up with some question and sent them out and I’m going to share them with you over the next couple of days. Hopefully this gives some insight to my readers (and me) what the culture is REALLY like.

It’s kind of crazy because I started out thinking I wasn’t going to really connect with this fandom at all. But, after reading the response from people, it kind of blew me away. They’ve responded with things that I genuinely care about (gender roles/gender equality/hate within the fandom/stereotypes/etc) … things that I deal with a lot in my life and it’s interesting to see the roles kind of reversed. I’m a female in a predominately male fandom and they’re males in something that is considered to be predominately for females. It’s interesting to see the similarities.  Interestingly enough, male fans are called a “brony”, female fans are, “pegasisters” and the group of are called, “The Herd”.  I received feedback from a few females but mostly males.

I want you to read the interviews and then I’ll share with you how I feel about the fandom.
Here is the first couple of interviews.

Jade Kaprelian
 Tell me about how you got into this fandom? What is the draw?

a.       I had a friend tell me I had to watch this show. As a little kid I remember watching My Little Pony, but Gen 4 is completely different from what I remember. I like the characters, their development and the story.

What are the best and worst things about this fandom?

a.       The best things about the fandom is the kindness I’ve seen. I have been to other types of conventions (anime, comic book, and scifi) and Bronies are some of the nicest people I’ve met. They are willing to help out complete strangers and are really nice.
b.      The worst things are like in any fandom there are a small amount of creepy fans. 

Are you open about liking MLP or is it something you keep to yourself, why?

a.       I am open about it. As a vendor I go to a lot of conventions every year. A good portion of those are for MLP. My friends and family know and I don’t see why they shouldn’t know. I don’t see a problem in liking the show.

   Obviously, being a Brony comes with its fair share of stigmas and issues. What is something that you’d like to tell people who prematurely judge you for being a Brony?

a.       Bronies are people too. Many people think it’s wrong, but it’s just a hobby and there a lot worse things people could be doing with their time such as drugs instead of watching colorful cartoon horses.

 Is there anything else you’d like to add about Bronies and/or MLP?
As a cosplayer it’s fun to try something new and imagine these characters as human. I have done 4 MLP cosplays including Applejack, Equestria Girls  Applejack, Gala Rainbowdash, and Flufflepuff. I am about to start working on a Twilight Sparkle Fursuit. It’s the first time I have made one before and if it wasn’t for the show I wouldn’t be pushing myself to try making something so difficult. MLP breeds creativity in people and I think that is a wonderful thing.

Spike Firemane
 Tell me about how you got into this fandom? What is the draw?
Basically name is Spike Firemane I was introduced to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic through Canadian Pop Band Hey Ocean! whose lead singer is Ashleigh Ball the voice of Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack! I am a woodcarver who would have quit my craft if it wasn’t for a “Right place, right time” scenario! I just decided to carve RD and AJ over her other character at the time of meeting her Plum Pudding on Strawberry Shortcake! I was introduced to the Bronies of NYC at the concert and that lead to a chain reaction!
Are you open about liking MLP or is it something you keep to yourself, why?
 I wear pony t-shirts out in public so I am very open on being a Brony! I don’t push my likes on other people as long as they can respect that I am an individual.
 Is there anything else you’d like to add about Bronies and/or MLP? 
People are misinformed about Bronies and two documentaries were done on Bronies one called Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony and A Brony Tale help clarify who we as a fandom are all about.

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6 thoughts on “Bronies: An Outsider’s Opinion Part 1

  1. Jen and I are both bronies and just, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is so important to us! I am so happy to see a positive post like this. Close-minded people really give bronies a horrible time.


  2. It's a lack of understanding… I just can't bash on something that I have no idea about, ya know? I would rather educate myself and form a logical opinion than just assume things.

    I had such a response that this little series is going to be about 6 or 7 parts – which is really insane to me. I was not expecting such a huge response. People are passionate about it.


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