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Halloween Costume Tips and Tricks

I’m big into cosplay and love, love, love making costumes. I just wanted to share my process of how I go about making my costumes.
I seriously start planning my costume in May or June. This way I can make a list of things that I’ll need for my costume and start searching for things early. It sounds crazy, but if you’re making your costume, it is going to take time and it’s better to be done early than freaking out at trying to finish it all last minute. Write down your ideas. Look at pictures of what you’re trying to recreate and take some notes on the details you like.
Make A List!
… Of everything. Seriously, everything you need. Down to make-up, underwear, accessories… craft supplies. Anything and everything you might need for the costume. This seems ridiculous and excessive, but at some point you’re going to go, “Did I need this? Where is that list….? “, I promise. Also, it helps with only making a few trips to store and not like twenty.
Thrift Shops
I get at least half if not more of my costume stuff at thrift stores. I am constantly looking for things that I can either use or alter to fit my costume. Find stuff that is the right shape you’re looking for. Color is the next thing you need to find. If you find something that’ll work but isn’t the right color, you can always dye it.
Oh goodness, amazon is a lifesaver. I’ve gotten so many random things off of amazon for costumes – pocket watches, monocles, top hats, wigs…  If I know I am going to have to buy something (like wigs) I check amazon first.
So, you’ve made your list, you’ve gotten stuff from thrift stores, and now you’re on amazon. Get the things you know you’re not going to find at a craft store – wigs, accessories that you can’t make, etc.
Craft Store
This is the dangerous part of the process. You don’t want to end up going overboard with crafting. Walk around the store and find things that you’re going to want to use for the costume but don’t grab everything you WANT to use. Does that make sense? Get the things you NEED not all the things you WANT.  Also, plan on getting fabric glue, hand needle and thread, and hot glue, trust me on this one.
Work on your costume. Work in sections. Do the big parts first (the body) and then work on the smaller details.
Tips for DIY:
– Hot gluing everything might sound like a good idea at the time, but your costume will fall apart if you don’t add some hand stitching in there.
– If you’re gluing something that is going to have to go around the curves of your body (boobies and booties are a pain!!) try it on, pin it and work from there. I personally try on things as I go, just to make sure that it’s going to be hanging the way I want to and that as things stretch over my body, it’s not losing the appearance that I’m going for.
– Pinterest is going to be your best friend. I’ve learned so much from just searching “cosplay” on there.
-If you order a synthetic wig and you get it in a big tangled messed you can detangle it by soaking it in a mixture of 4 parts water 1 part fabric softener for about 30 minute. After it’s done, squeeze as much water as you can out of it and then pin it to a foam head/wig holder and comb it gently STARTING AT THE BOTTOM and working your way up.  If you want to curl it after it’s been detangled, use those foam curlers while it’s still wet and set in a warm place for it to dry. Never ever use heat on a synthetic wig!

Poison Ivy:
I made this costume out of clothing I found in my closet and ivy leaves I found at a craft store. I dyed the clothing underneath the leaves a dark green, and then glued/sewed on the leaves. The boots were spray painted to match the green. The tights were from target and the wig was ordered from amazon. This costume took me about 2 months to complete and it was one of my more “thrown together” costumes. 
 I literally made this costume in a less than a day. I threw it all together to surprise my bestie the day before a convention. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the tails other than this: 
And you can only see the part of one.  The sonic costume tooks us… about a month of planning to get everything done. The wig took us the longest and was definitely the hardest thing to do but she wanted to have it spiked like Sonic and I think we accomplished that. 
Hope these tips help you with your costumes! 
Side note: This was supposed to be a guest post on another blog but I never heard back from her… So I decided to go ahead and publish it on here. 

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