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Brave: My Drunk Review (spoilers)

I had this maybe brilliant idea.. Of getting drunk and watching a movie I’ve never seen, taking notes and reviewing it for my blog. Maybe one day I’ll do it in vlog form, except I’m camera shy and super awkward, so maybe not. >.>; ANYWAY, I watched am *attempting* to translate my messy handwriting into blog format for you! It should be a good time. Also, I’m sure everyone has seen this but if you haven’t … This post has spoilers! Don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know the plot.

Last night I watched….

Now, to start this off, I had zero expectations of this movie. I didn’t read any reviews, talk to anyone about it, or anything. I just watched it. Normally, I love Disney princess movies and try to see them when they come out but… I missed this one. 

Drink of choice for last night: Rum and Dr. Pepper

My Notes:
That’s some serious hair. 
Oh. He’s fine… Well, except the leg. 
How is she getting down from there?! 
Haggis. Gross. 
 Hair…. so much hair.
Dat nose doe. 
Uh oh. She’s gettin’ ideas. 
A henge! I love henges. 
What the hell? 
Run around with swords. Smart. 
Oh no! Bad little terrors. 
Fate be changed, mend the bond torn by pride. 
Shooting fish with a bow and arrow… okie dokie. 


I didn’t like this movie. 

So, it’s a movie about a teenage ginger girl who doesn’t want to get married, gets mad, turns her mom into a bear and then feels bad and has to fix it.  I love that her hair isn’t perfect in it. And I laughed a good bit. However, I feel kind of underwhelmed by this movie. I don’t see the obsession. It’s kind of like Brother Bear only… Princess-y.  

And that is all I wrote about it.  Do you like this movie? Because I really didn’t like it all that much…

What movie should I get drunk and watch next?

Also, I made you a Brave Drinking Game:
Drink when you…
See a Wisp
See a Bear
Hit a Bullseye

Drink whenever someone complains about their mother.

Bahaha. I’m funny. 

Also, please drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drink if you’re underage. Don’t drink yourself sick. Don’t drink if you’re a cry-er, get mean, or just plain can’t handle yourself. Be a good human.

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4 thoughts on “Brave: My Drunk Review (spoilers)

  1. Brave is one of my daughter's favorite Disney movies. I don't mind it because it's one of the only princess movies they've done where one or both of the parents didn't die. I have a huge issue with Disney's love of killing the parents, but that's a rant for another time. I also like that she stood up for herself about the marriage thing, even though she was a brat to her mom about pretty much everything else and that was annoying.

    Get drunk and watch Frozen. Or Rage with Nicholas Cage lol. That's probably the only way a Nick Cage movie is good.


  2. I wasn't too struck on Brave either. It was OK and I could watch it again but I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it.

    I love this idea by the way. I think you should get drunk and review any of the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

    Emma | frillsanddoodads.com


  3. Disney does have a twisted love of killing off parents. I agree with you, I like that she stood up for herself on the marriage thing… but she is a giant brat. And turned her mom into a bear.

    I'll add both to my list. I've never seen Rage… but, it's bound to be a good time if it's a Nicholas Cage movie.


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