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Do you “ship” anyone?

Shipping, derived from the word relationship is the desire for two people, often fictional, to be in a romantic relationship.(wiki)

Q: Do you ship anyone?
A: Normally, I don’t ship characters – it makes me sad because they’re not really together. Plus, it feels a little ridiculous pretending two characters are together when they’re not.  But I ship Jack Frost and Elsa allllllll the time. I’m obsessed. It’s getting out of hand. I mean, I have like 3 main things I go to pinterest for – Doctor Who, Growing Out Pixie Hair Cuts, annnd Jack Frost. Some people ship him with Rapunzel, which is just silly! I mean, Jack and Elsa were clearly meant to be together. LOOK AT THEM!

Anyway, this is the only couple that I really ship. Do you ship any characters? Let me know in the comments!  

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