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So, my blog has been on the back burner for a bit. And will be for at least the rest of this week. I’m sorry! I swear I have good reasons…
– I’m starting my Etsy shop up
– I’m going to be attending some local farmers markets with my soap
– I’m cheer coach and that keeps me surprisingly busy during the week

BUT! I’m going to be hosting a giveaway on Friday! Check back for more information on that. 

Now, I wanted to talk a little bit about my etsy shop. It’s still in the beginning stages of getting set up but, it is up and I’m pretty proud of it. I am making and selling handcrafted soap and bath/body products. It is something that my mom did when I was little and now that she’s back in the states, I wanted to give it a try with her help. It’s fun because I feel like a scientist mixing chemicals and oils together and watching the reactions and eventually creating soap. I gotta tell ya though, I’ve been working my butt off. That’s where I’ve been… making product to put up on etsy and making product for the farmers markets. I’ve got some really great things planned for the shop and I actually need some suggestions from my readers… So here is my big question for you lovely people:

Think of your favorite character from either video games/movies/books/whatever and tell me what you think they smell like. Weird request, right? Well, I want to make some soaps/bath products that smell like what a mage/tank/healer/god/whatever would smell like and I am interested in what YOU think. Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to check back Friday for the giveaway!

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