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Insert Feministic Title

Sexism in video games is something that gets me really fired up, as it does with a lot of people, but I think I’m weird about it. While the video game culture is very much still in the dark ages when it comes to women, I think that female gamers are getting all worked up over stupid things. Here are the things that are really bugging me.

1. “Ugh. I just want to wear something that isn’t bikini armor!”
While I don’t always want to wear bikini armor, I don’t really care either way. Does it have better stats? Yes? Then does it really matter? Nope.  I mean, I know that people like to RP and I know that they get all worked up because they’re being over-sexualized, but… If you were playing a male character and he was all abs and muscles with little armor and looked like Thor, would you be complaining?  Or is it really just a double standard that you have? 

2. “I wish there were strong female leads.”
There are. Plenty of them. Want a list?
Laura Croft.
Any RPG with character customization.
The list goes on… 
Just… stop. I’ve said that I wish there were more strong females, and I do wish there were MORE but just because there aren’t a billion doesn’t mean that they’re not out there.

3. “I don’t use voicechat because I hate how guys talk to me.”
First of all, guys suck when it comes to this… but until more female gamers start using voice chat and start putting their foot down about what is and isn’t acceptable to say to them, it’s just going to keep being bad. I use voice chat, I’ve been treated like crap… but, I can also smack talk with the best of them. If you can shut a guy up with some good ol’ fashion smack talk, they generally respect you a bit more. I’ve found that going into it with a dude mentality, they’re going to treat you like one of the guys. Maybe this one is more of a personal issue and not everyone is going to agree with me on it, but it has worked for me and I have little to no problems with being harassed in voice chat now.

Do you have any issues with Geek Feminism? Let me know below!
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