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Meet The Sponsors: TeeFetch

Tee Fetch started out as a review blog for T-Shirts and has grown into something lovely!

 It’s a collection of awesome, nerdy shirt designs. It’s essentially a collection of “T-Shirts Of The Day” from across the web.  They showcase designs from various websites like Tee Fury and Shirt Woot. I can tell you that it makes browsing the shirts of the day a whole lot easier! Plus, as someone who just recently started wearing nerdy t-shirts, it’s nice to see them all in one spot.

Behind the Scenes:

About TeeFetch
We are a few graphic designers with an addiction to t-shirts. We have sold tees on various websites and stores. What once was a review blog about t-shirts and numerous designs in general evolved and re-branded into Tee Fetch.

Why T-shirts?
Passion. That is what it’s all about. T-shirt designers and fans are very passionate about their tees. With a simple design or slogan a conversation can get started and from there anything is possible. Tee Fetch is here to help people find those special tee shirt designs that speak to them on a personal level, ones that represent who they are at their very core.

And we all know that I’m an animal lover, but they’re mascot speaks to me on a personal level!

This is Lucky! Lucky is a papillon. Let me just quickly tell you about my love for papillons. I had two papillons –  Rebel and Lady Marie Antoinette (Rie for short). So anyone that uses such a great breed as their mascot is awesome! Plus, LOOK AT THAT FACE! Don’t you just want to snuggle Lucky? 
Link Love:

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.
Support my loot crate addiction!
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