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This Week And Grammar

This week I’m
Playing: Archeage
Reading: Wizard’s First Rule
Watching: Doctor Who

Normally, I am a very well-spoken, grammatically correct person. I take great effort to make myself very clear and precise…. unless it comes to two things and I’m blaming my parents completely for both of these glaring errors in my grammar. First, I have a tendency to call movies “shows” and I don’t even notice I’m doing it. Like, at all.  Shows are shows. Movies are shows. My parents always call them both shows and so do I. The other is “itch” and “scratch” … and this one, I don’t know why I do it. It’s really annoying. I know the proper use of both terms but NEVER use it correctly. It’s so hardwired into me that I just… can’t use them properly.

I was called out on both of those this past week and frankly, I think I’ve been pretty oblivious to my use of those words. Now I’m hyper-aware of them… and it’s sooooooo annoying. Actually, I don’t know if it’s really annoying or if I’m just annoyed because the only things I want to do in life are write and make people laugh.. and if I can’t write(speak) well, then I’m failing at my goals in life. 

What are you up to this week?

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