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Friday Favorites: Doctor Who Episodes

I don’t think it’s any small secret that I’m obsessed with Doctor Who. It’s one of those obsessions that kind of came out of nowhere, you know, the ones that you’re not expecting to like and then, BAM! You’re obsessed. I started watching Doctor Who when I was going through a really rough depression and about to make some major life changes… and well, it’s gotten me through some stuff. Thinking about that it made me wonder what my top favorite episodes are. I thought I’d share them with you in my Friday Favorites, which I’ll keep up for a bit. I will be sharing various favorites of mine. This week it’ll be Doctor Who… Next week it might be my favorite pens. Who knows, I’m random like that. 😉

Keep in mind that these are not in order of favorite… just favorites.
1. Blink. I think that this is a lot of people’s favorites because it’s a really, really great episode. The Weeping Angels are terrifying. I’ve known people who watch that episode first to get hooked on the show.

2. Rose. I love and adore Rose. She’ll always be my favorite companion and 9 will always be my favorite Doctor.

3. Bad Wolf & Parting of Ways. This is the 2 part episode when 9 regenerates and there is the Bad Wolf … I cry my eyes out every. single. time. But they’re so so so good.

4. The Girl in the Fireplace. This episode is just plain beautiful.

5. Doomsday. Just the name of the episode makes me get all teary.

6. Human Nature. Obviously… I love this episode. I’ve already blogged about it.

7. Last of the Time Lords. It’s heartbreaking… and you find out who the face of Boe is! OH MY GOD! I LOVED THAT PART SO MUCH!

8. Silence in the Library.  Because, reasons.

9. Turn Left. … Because, Rose.

10. The Impossible Astronaut. Because… reasons.  

I can’t tell you why I love some of them… Just that I do. I can’t tell you why I love Rose, I just do. I can’t tell you why I think 9 is the best Doctor… I just loved him. Don’t get me wrong, I love the other Doctors. I just adore 9.

What are your favorite Doctor Who episodes?

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4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Doctor Who Episodes

  1. I don't think I could ever watch Silence in the Library or Forest of the dead anymore. Great episodes but I am to invested into a certain character that we first meet here. Great episodes though. I'll go with my favorite all time episode being Crash of the Byzantium


  2. The Girl in the Fireplace is by far one of my favorite episodes. I don't even know what it is about it that makes me squee with joy… but I love it. Perhaps it's the time period with its fancy dresses or maybe it's the great chemistry Madame De Pompadour had with The Doctor.


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