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Cubic Castles

Platforms: PC/Mac & iPad (android in development)
Price: Free-to-play
Developer: Cosmic Cow

A top-down,  mining/building game that resembles minecraft with a hint of Animal Crossing. Normally I’m not a huge fan of minecraft-y type games, but this one has a interesting take on it. The artstyle is something that I love. I adore cute, cartoony artstyles. It’s an open-ended sandbox game and I’m loving it. You can customize your character and there are different forms of blocks that you can build with. There are the obvious decorative blocks and then there are ones that are interactive. While playing the other day, I came across a players castle that had music notes and as you jumped on them they played music. It’s been fun not only seeing what others can create but the amount of time and effort players are putting into it. With things to do in player created worlds, such as platformer games and jumping puzzles, there is always something to do when you’re out exploring. Plus, it’s absolutely adorable… which, I love.

Unlike some cross-platform free-to-play games, this one doesn’t have that, “pay-to-win” feel. As you mine for resources, you’re rewarded with the in-game currency, cubits, and from what I can tell thus far, it seems like all craftable items are made from resources that you can mine in game.
What is always impressive with building games like this, is the player built structures, and let me tell you, there are some great ones. There is a tour guild that can be found here.
If you’re looking for a fun, building/crafting game, this is a great one! I’m really, really enjoying myself, and I don’t normally play this style of game! 

Link Love:
Website (download)
App Store

Let me know if you’re playing! I would love to see what you’re creating! 

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