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Geek Vs Nerd

Is there really a difference between a geek and a nerd? Is it really just a bunch of us that think that there is a difference between the two, when in reality we’re the same type of person and we just are refusing to get along? Of course, I turned to the internet to see its opinion on the subject. It turns out that Nerds still have this rep of being scrawny thing with taped glasses and correcting people when their facts aren’t straight. Geeks have it easy according to the internet. They’re more like an average Joe with sneakers, an ironic t-shirt and blue jeans. When you get into how people define the two it gets really interesting.  A geek, according to the internet, is someone who is generally tech savvy and has gadgets and gizmos aplenty. (see what I did there?)They have a vested interest in one particular subject and are less socially awkward. Nerds on the other hand are socially awkward, have a more academic interest and enjoy things that are equally academic (things like star trek and strategy games).
So, they’re different. They’re different and yet they’re similar. There isn’t really much separating the two when you think about it.  They both have vested interests in things. They both obsess. They both can be socially awkward. 
 Based on what the internet is telling us about what each of these things are, I don’t fall into either category.  I am neither a nerd nor a geek because I’m both. I have some very specific interests as well as some broad academic interests. I love science, I love space, I love tech, I love Sci-Fi, fantasy, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings and a bunch of other things that I just personally consider to be nerdy. Society has changed the meaning of the words to fit into a more socially acceptable form.
  From what I’ve gathered, there is a difference between the two. They’re very similar but on is more socially acceptable than the other. Geeks are socially acceptable because they’re interested in more socially acceptable things and nerds are too busy studying and watching Star Trek to care what society thinks. 😉
Also, when someone says they’re such a ________ Nerd … they’re using the wrong term. It should be a _____ geek. Example: You’re a movie geek, not a movie nerd. You’re a comic geek, not a comic nerd. Make sense?
Are you a nerd or a geek? What are your interests? 
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5 thoughts on “Geek Vs Nerd

  1. My understanding has always been, that Nerds are generally book smart… science, math etc. where geeks are more pop culture based. They're not necessarily “smart” they're just in love with stuff that isn't always considered academic. That's how I see it. I'm a geek with some nerd tendencies 🙂


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