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10 Things You Should Never Say To A Gamer

This is a list to go along with the “15 Things You ShouldNever Say To A Female Gamer”.  It’s just a collection of things that people have said to me that I can’t stand!

1.       “Just fight that guy. No, you’re doing it wrong!” Backseat gamers are the worst! Let me play my game!

2.       “What’s your K/D ratio?” Just because I am a gamer doesn’t mean that I play CoD or Battlefield.

3.       “You’re too old to play video games.” Games are for everyone.

4.       “Just pause it.” Sometimes you can’t just pause a game! It’s not that we’re trying to be jerks, we just can’t always pause a game.

5.       “Turning the controller doesn’t really help.” Shut your mouth. It totally does! 😉

6.       “You’re a gamer?  I bet you don’t get laid.” Bahaha. Sure.

7.       “This is such a lame game…” Excuse me? Did I ask you to watch me play? Did I ask your opinion on it? No, I didn’t.

8.       “Oops, I spilled something on your controller/mouse/keyboard/whatever.” Okay, I’ve really had this happen to me. I had some friends over and I was letting one of them use my spare keyboard and they spilled an entire energy drink on my keyboard… AND DIDN’T CLEAN IT UP. It ruined my keyboard and it made me so sad. Clean it up and if you’ve ruined the controller/whatever then you should replace it.

9.       “Haven’t you already played this game?” Yes, sometimes we enjoy the game so much we play it more than once.

10.   *Playing on Playstation* “Oh, I love playing xbox!” Okay, this one still blows my mind. I have had people call Playstations “Xbox” and vice versa. It is funny that people don’t know the difference between the difference consoles. Things that also apply to this are calling all Pokemon, “Pikachu” and calling Luigi, “Mario”. Does anyone else have a Mom that does that??

Have you ever encountered any of these things? What are some of the things that people say to you that get under your skin?
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