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Things Gamers Never Say

I was joking around the other day with a friend about things that gamers never say. This is the list that we came up with.

1.       “I’m so glad this game has a tutorial!” With how dumbed down tutorials are now, there is nothing worse than a tutorial.

2.       “I can’t wait to spend $60 on another game for my console!”

3.       “I love GameStop’s trade-in policy!”

4.       “I can’t wait to run into a Zubat in this cave!”

5.       “The great thing about EA is…. “

6.       “Sweet! I love quick time events!”

7.       “I love newbies!”

8.       “The online/reddit community for [game] is so helpful.”

9.       “I don’t know what you’re talking about; gender politics in gaming is very balanced.”

10.   “The three consoles are basically the same. “

11.    “I’m not looking forward to the steam summer sale.”

12.   “I think I’ll buy a Mac for my gaming.”

13.   “I love DLC!”

14.   “Grinding is the best thing.”

15.   “Are you REALLY a dude?”

16.   “Lag isn’t real.”

17.   “It wasn’t the healers fault.”

18.   “MOBA and FPS players are the nicest people to interact with.”

19.   “I play CoD for the story.”

20.   “I don’t need a new game. My backlog is full enough as it is.”

What do never find yourself actually saying?

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4 thoughts on “Things Gamers Never Say

  1. This is hilarious, I relate to it so much.

    Also: “oh I'll only play for X amount of time” and “I should stop right this second to do that important thing in real life”



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