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Don’t you love when you find a blog that you just love? I’ve found this blog and it’s absolutely lovely.

It’s filled with all sorts of things nerdy. There is a post about a FFVII remake (squeeee!!) and a post about why Thor isn’t actually a Disney Princess. It has memes and things that I love reading that keep me from being a productive adult. 😉

Also, anyone who has, “Favorite food: It’s a tossup between In-N-Out’s Animal Fries and a Queso Frito. Mmm… Cheese.” in their bio is bound to be a favorite of mine. I’d love to go for some In-N-Out Animal Fries right about now. (have you had them before?!)  Mmm… Cheese, is right.

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Which blog post is your favorite on the Donald Ray Bernard Blog? Tell me in the comments!

*Please note that is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own*

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