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Internet Mourning

The stages of mourning over lack of internet

1.       Denial. You’ll think that you still have the internet and go to your computer to quickly check something on reddit or pinterest. You might start up your computer and click on firefox or chrome and about halfway through typing, “pinterest.com” realized that you have no connection. You might even say, “give me just a moment, my computer is taking a second to connect to the wifi.”

2.       Anger. This may be directed at your computer or even your loved ones. There isn’t any internet and it’s really frustrating. How are you supposed to do anything? You can’t check your bank account or email. What are you missing on reddit? How does anyone live without the internet?! UGH!

3.       Bargaining. If only I had known that it was going to take so long for the install… I’d have called a week earlier! If only I had known that it was going to take so long… I’d have made sure to up my mobile data plan for this month to use as a hotspot. 

4.       Depression. This stage is the worst. You can’t figure out what to do with yourself… you lay in bed and feel sorry for yourself. You could read a book or play a video game but what’s the point? You don’t have internet.

5.       Acceptance. You’ve finally accepted the fact that you don’t have internet and start being productive again. You write blog posts and plan which day you’re going to go use the internet at the library. 

I’ve gotten to the acceptance stage. I’ve become a productive adult again and there is a light at the end of the tunnel … we’re getting internet soon and it won’t be such a pain to lug my big behemoth laptop around to get work done.
How have my readers been?? I’ve missed you guys!
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