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Let’s Talk About: Aquaman

Now, let’s start this off by saying that I’m a Marvel Girl. I’ve rarely ventured into DC for anything. Except now… I have a little boy who is obsessed with DC. This means we spend a good deal of time talking about the Justice League. 
Can we take a moment and talk about Aquaman? Because I’m pretty sure I thought that the only thing he could do was talk to fish. 
He’s the king of Atlantis and the ruler of the seas. 
that, in and of itself, is pretty damn cool. 
If we’re being technical here, he controls most of the planet. 
He also has super-strength, super-speed, and he can stay underwater indefinitely…. and of course, he has telepathy which is how to talks to fish. 
So… not only is he the like bamf superhero but he also is the king of the ocean (reluctantly). 
Also, he’s being played by this guy in the Superman vs Batman movie and the Justice League movie….
 Yup. He’s being played by my Khal Drogo. 
*fangirl moment* 
Anyway, I’m still unsure about how I feel about Jason Momoa playing Aquaman. 
Doesn’t he seem like he’s more of the … well, Khal Drogo type? I can’t see him playing Aquaman.

What are your thoughts? Would you keep this casting, if not, who would you cast?

Are you DC or Marvel? 
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