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Interview with That Wonderful Lemon

Lines! The first game from us here at That Wonderful Lemon Co! We are proud. Our mums are proud. Our dads are in agreement that we should probably now go and get proper jobs.
Lines is a puzzle game where you race to match colours to make lines. The longer the line, the higher the score and the more envious your friends will be! Connect to Facebook to see your friends’ scores, to send and receive gifts, but, most importantly, you can allow others to bask in your fabulousness! 

Readers, meet Andrew from That Wonderful Lemon. He’s produced the game ^ above and is now working on a game with robots. Who doesn’t love robots??

For those who don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?
Hi, my name is Andrew and I make coffee. Really great coffee. I also make games. I’ve worked on AAA games that have been cancelled (Star Wars Battlefront 3 for instance) and others that have actually been released (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories). In addition to that I’ve also worked on brands you have probably heard of including Infamous, Little Big Planet, Killzone and DC Universe Online. Recently I decided to start my own thing with That Wonderful Lemon Co. (http://thatwonderfullemon.co).
Tell us a little about your game:
The latest project I am working on is Super Massive Awesome Robot. It’s a platforming, run-em, gun-em, dash-em up. At the moment we are only concerned with pulling together a Vertical Slice of the game.
How did you come up with the concept of your game?
We wanted to make a game we would love. I personally have a massive amount of respect for God Hand, Demons Souls and Sonic. Originally we were playing around with something like a reverse Katamari type of game, but it slowly evolved into something completely different!
How many people are involved in the making of your game?
At the moment, one person full time, with a few others lending a hand here and there.
What have you done marketing wise?
Not a whole lot yet. We are one month into the VS and have a long way to go. Dev blogs and the like are probably where we will start as we begin to bring together a cool set of people interested in the project.
What has gone right/wrong during development?
Not an awful lot of project to comment on yet! Lots of hardware failures at the moment, hopefully which will get sorted as we progress. :/
What lessons have you learned from developing your game?
Platforms and robots are awesome.
If you’ve developed games for different platforms, which were your favorites or which platforms would like to develop for next?
PC is by far the best platform to develop on – build and run and you’re done. Nothing beats the satisfaction of running your game on a console connected to a stupidly sized TV. For me I am not particularly fussed over platforms so long as they are not a headache to build for.
Most asked questions by my readers:
What do you feel like the key programming languages to learn are and why?
Really does not matter. A really good understanding of programming principles is far more important. The better understanding of how things work closer to the hardware layer is also fantastic. If you are seriously thinking about programming for games (or anything else for that matter), learn the basics. Skills will transfer between different languages and make your life far easier.
Do you have any advice for aspiring game developers?
Specialise and master the subject area you are interested in. For instance, if you want to learn programming, go study it, learn AI principles, rendering, mathematics, etc. If you want to make art, go study art history, design, life drawing. For everything else I’d suggest studying English, Mathematics, Business. To be honest I would avoid game design courses like the plague (from the portfolios I have seen maybe 1 student in 20 is of an entry level standard after graduation, if that!).
Making games requires a massively broad set of skills which take a long time to cover. To give yourself the best chance of working for a company I would suggest specialising then learning sideways subjects that interest you. If you want to be an instant director / creative director out of education then I would suggest studying business with an eye towards running a start-up.

One last thing – work on your stamina! 

Andrew sent these questions back to me and said, “Hope this finds you in exceptional health! You can find my answers below highlighted in a delightful shade of red.” … So I decided to keep the delightful shade of red. For character. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WonderfulLemon
Website: http://www.thatwonderfullemon.co/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ThatWonderfulLemonCooperative

Thank you, Andrew! I love the amount charisma emanating from this interview. 

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