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Spoilers! Pros and Cons

Q: What are your views on spoilers?What are the pros and cons??

Okay. I hate spoilers. Do you know how hard it is to avoid the internet when you haven’t watched the last episode of Game of Thrones? (I finally watched it, btw.) Or when someone has finished a game and they’re watching you play and go “OH, you do this and this and this!”. GRR! My question is, do people actually enjoy spoilers? I feel like it kind of ruins things… because, well, it does.

Instant gratification (but not the satisfying kind of instant gratification)
You don’t have to avoid the internet and therefore less anxiety about getting something ruined… because you already ruined it for yourself.
Could save you hours of frustration.
It can help you make a decision if you’re on the fence about a show/game.

You completely ruin the experience!
There is no anticipation.
There’s no fun! Well, there is probably still fun but it’s not as much fun!

DON’T GIVE IN! NOT NOW! (read that in Arwen’s voice…)

What do you think the pros and cons of spoilers are? Do you like spoilers?

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