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Best Apps: Children’s Games (Free)

I have two little ones. They’re 3 and (almost) 7. They both have their own tablets. We’ve gone through and had to try and figure out what apps are appropriate and which are not. I had a reader ask me what games and apps are kid appropriate and so I’ve decided that I’ll make a couple of different lists for my readers!
These are all games that I’ve downloaded and played MYSELF before letting my children play them. I highly suggest that parents reading this do the same before letting their children blindly play video games. 

These are all free apps that my children love to play:
1. Angry Birds/Bad Piggies

   – This includes the Star Wars, Space and just about every Angry Birds game. My 3 year old loves Bad Piggies (Some of the Angry Birds games aren’t free. However their are free versions of them!)

2. Dots 

– This is a simple dot matching game that even I enjoy playing! 

3. Pet Rescue Saga

 – This is a block matching game and you have to rescue the pets from the “evil pet snatchers”

4. My Little Pony

– You have to rebuild Ponyville and it has fun little mini-games.

5. Doodle Jump

– A basic platformer. 

6. Fruit Ninja

– You cut fruit and try to not slice the bombs! 

7. Tetris 

-Yes. Tetris. I don’t feel like I need to explain this one at all. Yay tetris! 

8. Hay Day

– A farming game where you collect eggs/crops/milk etc and sell it to the locals and/or use it in recipes.

9. Candy Crush

– Another matching game that everyone is obsessed with. 

10. Temple Run 2

– This game is considered an “action” game but you’re basically just running from the temple and swipe to avoid falling off the edge.

What app games do your children love?

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