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Cosplay: Genderbending & Bodytypes

Q: Why do people cosplay different genders and/or “slutty” versions of the character? 

A: Gender Bending/ Genderswapping:  I can really only answer this from a female perspective. Binding (for those of you who don’t know what binding is: wrapping your chest up so it looks like you don’t have boobies) can be, and usually is, painful. Also, some (most?) females don’t have the bone structure to pull off a male character. With those reasons aside, the creative aspect of genderbending is great. You get to take a male character and make him into a female! There is so much creativity that goes into genderbent characters that it is kind of an art form. If you’re still asking, “Why, though??”, it boils down to the fact that they love the character. Sometimes, it is just easier to find a male character with a personality that you like. Simple as that.

First, let me say that I do not condone slut shaming in anyway. “Slutty” versions of characters. Honestly, I think if you’re comfortable enough in your own skin to do a “slutty” version of a character, then more power to you! I can’t tell you why people dress the way they do, I can only guess. It could be for more attention, it could be because they’re proud of their body and want to show it off, or just because they wanted to make a “slutty” costume. Whatever their personal reason is, my best advice is see the picture above that I found floating around Facebook.

What are your thoughts on genderbending and “slutty” cosplay?

 photo shnsghnsynsthnsthnshn_zps8e0cc23e.png

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