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How Do You Make New Friends?

 I’ve been in Alabama for about a month now. I’ve found a cute lake with baby ducks and have been enjoying the real rainstorms! Boyfriend gets a kick out of how much I enjoy the rain here.

 So, now that I’ve been here for a bit I was thinking of trying to make some new friends. Here is the problem though, I’m super shy and awkward and very much a homebody. What do you do when you’re an awkward, weird, geeky girl who wants to make friends? Blog about it. xD Just kidding.. kinda.     I’ve always been the kind of person that has a few really close friends that I see regularly. So the idea of making new friends kind of gives me social anxiety. However, I think in order to keep my sanity, I am going to have make a friend or two here. 😛

There are things like Meetup where you can find groups online with people that have similar interests. However, meetup isn’t really too big of a thing here…(nor is reddit. It’s so strange to me. xD but, what can you do?) and I haven’t found one that is particularly interesting to me. Someone suggested checking out the local bar scene… But I’m not really into that sort of thing either. Back home, I started a book club and made friends through that – it’s something I’ll probably end up doing here, as well.
Since I’m not an overly social person, I haven’t really pursued too many social gatherings here. I’ve met some of the people from my Dad’s work and they seem like nice people – not my age, but nice people all the same.  Like I said, I’m mostly a homebody so I don’t plan on having a huge social life or anything. I just would like to find a few people that are around my age to hang out with. I figure through work and social connections I’ll find a nice group of people with similar interests.

What suggestions do you have for someone in a new city? How do you make new friends?

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