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Little Inferno

Little Inferno is an indie puzzle game developed by TomorrowCorporation and was released in 2012. It was developed by 3 people –  Kyle Gray, Kyle Gabler, and Allan Blomquist. Gabler stated that the game was inspired by “The Yule Log”… Yup, that 17-second loop video of a burning log. They took a boring concept and made it into a fantastic game. 
It’s mostly viewed through a first-person perspective. The player is thrown into a world where the temperature is constantly dropping and you’ve been given the “Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace” to stay warm.  The “Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace” is used to incinerate objects from the mail order catalogs. There is no penalty or time limit placed on the player so he or she is free to experiment with burning different objects together and unlocking combinations.
The game is a drag and drop puzzle and the art is just fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of the game. Not only did it keep me laughing but it also kept me thinking about what the combos could be. The only clues you’re given about combos is the name of the combo. You have to figure out what things would go in things like “Pollinating” or “Framed”.  Mainly, the focus of the game is buying and burning. You’ll also receive letters from a few outside entities. You’ll “befriend” a girl named Sugar Plumps who is part of the “Little Inferno” online community. She sends you letters, pictures and artwork. You’ll have to decide to keep the letters or burn them because there is only so much space in your inventory.  It makes you question your motives in gaming and forces you to ask why something like getting letters from an NPC evokes some real emotional reactions.
It’s a short game – it was over for me in a couple of hours. However, it’s definitely something that is great for passing the time. I enjoyed the dark humor that the game has. Some of the toys that you get are hilariously animated. The ending I experienced was unexpected- I wasn’t planning on having more story than I had already been given but it tied up the loose ends nicely.
It’s available on Steam, Android and iOS. 
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