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Yay! It’s Caturday!

Happy Caturday!!! 
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Who wants to hear a funny story about the time I was essentially called a crazy cat lady at Forever 21 by the cashier?? 

 Okay, okay. So, I like cats. I love cat clothing. I have more than one sweater with some form of cat on it. My phones ringtone is the “Can’t Hug Every Cat” song. I have rings with cat ears, I’ve been a kitty cat for the last like, three..ish Halloweens. I have a freakin’ pinterest board dedicated to cat clothing… I’m kind of obsessed.

Now that you know that about me… I’ll tell you my story about Forever 21.  
 I was shopping, like a normal person, with a friend at Forever 21 when I found a really adorable cat sweater. Of course, I wasn’t not going to get it. So, I grab it and continue looking around when I found ANOTHER cute cat sweater. Well, then I had a dilemma, because I really wanted both of them. After an inner struggle and an enabler friend, I decided to just decided after trying them both on. We went along with our shopping and I found a really cute Star Trek shirt (again, like I’m not going to get that. Damn you, Forever 21!) annnnd then I found, you guessed it, ANOTHER cat sweater. Three cat sweaters?! And they’re all adorable?? I try all of them on and of course, love them all.  Ugggghhhhh. What is a girl to do?  
Surely I shouldn’t buy all of them, right? 
Wrong. While I was checking out the cashier said, in a very judge-y voice, “Sooooo…. you like cats.”

I came home with three cat sweater and a cat ring.  

and that’s that story. 

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