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What I do when I meet one of my heros

I love, love, love, love Chewbacca. Can you tell?  I can’t really explain my obsession. He’s just this great character that makes me really happy. Every convention I go to, I get a picture with as many Chewbacca cosplayers as I can find.

Dapper Chewie was one of my favorites. It was my profile picture on Facebook for a really long time.  Also, that storm trooper is just fantastic.

This is the most recent Chewie. I didn’t see as many this year as I did the year before.

At the 2013 Salt Lake Comic Con, I met Peter Mayhew. You know that “fan girl” moment we all have when we see celebrities? I had that so bad. It was like “OH MY GOD! I AM GOING TO CRY!” because I was so utterly excited. I stood in line and thought of things to say to him. It was right before his surgery, so I  thought about saying, “Good luck!”, or even just saying something stupidly simple like, “I’m a huge fan”. But what I ended up saying to him when it was finally my turn was….

Absolutely nothing. 

I was too much of a fan girl to even say a word. I might have mumbled a “Hi!” but I’m fairly certain it wasn’t even intelligible. We took the picture and went on my way.

Hopefully, one of these days I’ll get a do-over and I’ll actually talk to him.

But seriously, have you seen his twitter? He is always posting these adorable pictures that I just love.

What are some of your fan girl moments? 

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2 thoughts on “What I do when I meet one of my heros

  1. Well, my fan-girl moments have never been for a video game or movie, but I've had a few with music! As you know, David and I have been and always will be die hard Dashboard Confessional fans! Well, they aren't together anymore, but their lead singer Chris Carrabba and his bestie (who is also from Dashboard) now play in their new folk band Twin Forks. We've been to both of their concerts in Utah and got to shake hands with, take pictures with, and get signed t-shirts from them at both! However, I am just like you, and let David do all the talking! Afterward I only said “thank you so much.” Lol. I think I just want to make sure I don't say something stupid or annoying.


  2. I've done it with band members too! When I met Sum 41 the first time I was insanely fan-girly. The second time it wasn't as bad but man… I can't handle how fan-girly I get. I always have something planned out and then I get to meet the person and clam up. It's almost embarrassing.


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