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15 Things You Should Never Say To A Female Gamer

This is a subject that I’ve talked about relentlessly with various people. It seems that in every single multi-player game I’ve played, the fact that I’m female gets brought up and it ends with some sexist or rude comments. When it comes to “equality” in the gaming community, I feel like we’re still in the dark ages. Why can’t we all just be “gamers”? Honestly, I could care less about gender/race/age/sexual orientation/whatever, I just want to play with other people and have a good time. I think that most gamers would agree with me on that. Now, I understand that people get really into games and that name-calling and things of that sort happen. That’s not what I’m talking about at all. I’m talking about the blatant sexism that happens.

Without further ado, I give you my list of things you should never say to a female gamer:
  1. “It’s so hot that you play video games.” “Pics pl0x?” “Are you hot??”  I’m actually not playing for you to find it appealing.  
  2. “You’re not bad… for a girl.”  Talk about a back-handed compliment.  
  3. “I was going easy on you.” “I let you win.” Sure you did. It’s always annoying when someone automatically starts acting differently as soon as they find out you’re a girl. 
  4. “Really? You play video games? Like what?” The doubt is annoying. I’m assure you that I’m not lying just to impress you.
  5. “Did your boyfriend get you into gaming?” I’m not saying that every girl gets into gaming on her own, but I promise that we don’t just do things because our significant others wants us to.
  6. “If you game, tell me about this obscure fact on this obscure level of some game. Oh, you can’t? FAKE NERD ALERT!”  Really? Just stop this. Right now.
  7. “If you don’t want to be called out as a female, don’t use such a ‘girly’ tag!” Some people actually enjoy the RP factor of games. Also, what about the guys that have ‘girly’ tags or vice versa?   
  8. “If you don’t like the female characters option, just play a male.” Again, some of us like the RP factor of games. I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be options for the bikini style armor or anything like that… I’m just saying that I should get to have more options than just the bikini armor.
  9.  “Shouldn’t you be in the kitchen?” The sexist clichés category really gets under my skin. You may think it’s funny but in reality, it’s not. It paints you as a chauvinist and it instantaneously makes me like you less.  
  10. “You must be a fat/ugly [insert rude adjective] [expletive].” Why? Because I play games and automatically any girl that plays video games is fat and/or ugly? Don’t start name calling because you’re insecure.
  11. “Do you need help?” “Do you want me to level all your characters for you?” “Here is half of my gold!” “Marry me!!” This one seems like a weird thing to complain about but, it’s condescending. If I need help, I’ll ask for help. Please stop treating me differently because I’m a woman!
  12. “Will you dress up as [insert character here] for me?” Hmm… No, probably not going to do that for you. Also, that’s a creepy thing to say to someone.
  13. “How did you win?!” Um, skills?
  14. “Can I add you? PLEASE??” If the only reason is because of my gender, absolutely not.
  15. “I heard you’re an epic mount.” “Nice skirt you’re wearing, what’s the drop rate?” “If I was a NES cartridge, would you blow me?” Gaming pick-up lines just make me want to vomit. There is nothing appealing or clever about them… most of the time it’ll just end with us laughing at you. 

A big thanks to the lovely ladies of Reddit and Facebook who helped!  Adorable picture by Jade Dragonne on Deviant Art 

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8 thoughts on “15 Things You Should Never Say To A Female Gamer

  1. Seriously! It turns around a lot of them fit into the same category which is how I was able to narrow it down so much. It is probably the most frustrating thing about being a female gamer.


  2. I've only had a few rude comments, however I can't stand them. I know girls also do this and that is wrong as well. This:

    “If you game, tell me about this obscure fact on this obscure level of some game. Oh, you can’t? FAKE NERD ALERT!”

    Ugh. I play a lot of new game titles, but some of my favorites are old and people don't have a damn clue what I am talking about. It's like, if you don't play the newest games, you aren't a real gamer.

    Since Jen and I both game and we game together, we also get the whole “two girls?! married?!” comments and yeah, they go much further than that.


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