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Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2014

FanX was so much fun! 
Star Wars stuff is always my favorite. 

This was taken right after R2D2 scared my 3 year old half to death…. 

My Bestie went to Sir Patrick Stewart’s panel and was able to snap some pictures during the allotted time. (Funny side story. We were huddled in a crowd around Sir Patrick’s autograph booth and one of the guards said to me, “It looks like you’re about to cry.” because I literally was about to cry, I was so excited.) 

Sonic! I helped make this costume! 

Chanel in front of the mini TARDIS

And of course… More Star Wars. 
I’m still combing through different albums trying to find more pictures of Allie and I – I know that at least a few people got pictures of us together and I’d love to have them to show you guys. 
Skip to about 4:00 and you can see us! 

I was able to get some really great prints from local artists and I am dying to hang them in my new place. I have to get them framed first but, they’re just amazing. I’ll post pictures once they’re framed and up.

I’m looking forward to the cons that are in my new area. Anyone have suggestions on which ones I should try and attend?

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2 thoughts on “Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2014

  1. That video is awesome! I'd love to go just to see all the costumes! Lilly said “I wanna go there mommy!” And “I need my captain America hat! Where's spider man?” She's a nerd in training!


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